Mobile phone users urged to join Three for improved social networking


Mobile Phone Users Urged To Join Three For Improved Social Networking

People who trade-in their mobile phones could be especially wise to join Three when it comes to sourcing a replacement at the current time.

That is because the network has announced it is rolling out a new Facebook and Twitter-friendly music store to its customers.

Following huge success when doing this for those with an Android handset, the company has decided more of its users should enjoy the technology.

It allows people to set their status to be automatically updated with the music they have purchased most recently.

Neil Andrews, head of media sales and content services at the firm, says: "The service has proven that people are keen to recommend music amongst their friends on Facebook and Twitter, giving access to a wider range of music than ever before."

Three has this week announced it is due to add the Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone to the range of models it offers its customers.

Posted by Simon Thomas