Mobile phone users offered tips on securing new contract


Mobile Phone Users Offered Tips On Securing New Contract

Many people may be tempted to trade-in a mobile and sign up to a new contract for a superior handset, but it is worth remembering several things first.

Jill Insley, writing for the Guardian, notes there are a number of ways to ensure the best deal is secured.

Firstly, scour the market and compare the offerings of all the major providers, she states, adding there are a number of websites that can display this information.

Also, make sure any potential new phone has all the functions a user desires – such as a camera, music player and email service.

Ms Insley goes on to note it is wise to check network coverage areas before committing to a particular company, as different parts of the country do not work well with some providers.

Those who rate mobile broadband as a priority could choose Three, which was recently voted by respondents to a YouGov poll as the UK's top internet provider for phones.