Mobile phone users can plan future with Apple iPhone


Mobile Phone Users Can Plan Future With Apple IPhone

People who are at an age where they need to be thinking about retirement could turn to a mobile phone in order to plot their future.

Aviva has launched an app for Apple's iPhone that allows users to plan for pensions and ready themselves for life post-work.

It is a simpler and more condensed version of the insurance firm's tracker tool, which offers a wide range of pension planning accessories.

"Too many people are not saving for retirement and technology makes it simpler for people to understand how much they need to save to enjoy the retirement lifestyle they want," says Iain Oliver, head of pensions and investments at Aviva.

He adds the company is certain the app "works well" and can be of significant use to those who are looking to the future.

Alexander Hesse, writing for Forrester Blogs, this week said BlackBerry owners need a number of financial apps on a par with the iPhone in order to help them with their money situation.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw