Mobile phone sellers advised of Apple's quality


Mobile Phone Sellers Advised Of Apples Quality

Consumers who sell mobile phones and are subsequently on the lookout for a replacement have been told of the high standard of Apple's products.

Conrad Longmore, editor of Mobile Gazette, explained that the manufacturer is at the summit of the smartphone market.

This is a position that will only be strengthened by the emergence of the new iOS 5 operating system, which the expert suggested will help Apple to improve its devices even further.

Mr Longmore noted that iOS 5 is a symbol of the giant strides forward being made by those in the mobile industry.

"The idea of owning a smartphone is becoming very compelling. Apple is the one to beat, but competitors such as HTC, LG and Samsung regularly raise the stakes," he stated.

Earlier this month, Apple released details of iOS 5, claiming it includes more than 200 brand new features for users of its iPhone, iPad and iPod series.

Posted by Claire Marshall