Mobile phone recycling may appeal to all ages


Mobile Phone Recycling May Appeal To All Ages

There may be no one demographic that dominates the mobile recycling market, as people of all ages strive to gain access to the latest products.

Zara Rabinowicz, a technology expert, explains the rise of social media is taking in Britons of many different generations.

Whether individuals use it as a chance to source news or to keep up with friends, the desire remains and could fuel a passion for the latest mobiles and tablet handsets.

Indeed, some such models could be a bigger winner with older people rather than young technology fans.

"The recent influx of tablets – the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy S, et cetera – are priced out of the average teen's pocket, yet have been received with enthusiasm from adults of all ages," notes Ms Rabinowicz.

A recent report by Ofcom found the country is also experiencing an increase in demand for broadband services, with take-up growing by three percentage points in 2009.

Posted by Simon Thomas