Mobile phone fans split on favourite design style


Mobile Phone Fans Split On Favourite Design Style

Keen mobile phone fans who regularly update their model may have had to decide whether to opt for a full touchscreen or a touchscreen with a Qwerty keyboard in the past.

Ian, writing the Nokia Conversations blog, reveals the results of the online publication's recent poll to find out which most people preferred.

And the numbers show opinion is split, with 43 per cent of respondents claiming to like the touchscreen option the most, while almost 42 per cent say they would opt for the inclusion of the full typing pad.

While the author notes the question was asked with no financial restrictions in place - something that is not the case in real life - it does show both choices to be popular.

The results may be some comfort to those planning to trade-in a mobile and buy a newer model in the coming weeks and months, as it appears both of the styles are widely and successfully used.

Nokia has been in the news this week for announcing the release of the new 5250 device.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw