Mobile phone fans offered Nokia N8 insight


Mobile Phone Fans Offered Nokia N8 Insight

Mobile phone enthusiasts who are waiting for the Nokia N8 to be released before trading in their existing handset have been given a sneak preview of it by one expert.

Rhiain, writing for the Nokia Conversations blog, says there are a number of factors that make the device desirable, both from a design and technical viewpoint.

The blogger starts by noting the use of a single piece of aluminium to craft the case, with buttons individually cut from the metal.

"All the buttons along the side of the device are cut-outs from the same piece of aluminium, adding to the luxury feel of the device," Rhiain states.

The Nokia N8 will also feature a HDMI connector, allowing users to record video clips with their phone and watch them through a television.

And the high-quality touchscreen offers the ability to pinch zoom on a number of applications, such as when viewing photos or browsing the internet.

Nokia has confirmed the device will feature a 12-megapixel camera.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw