Mobile phone customers 'should make most of broadband services'


Mobile Phone Customers Should Make Most Of Broadband Services

The growth of mobile broadband – and, indeed, all types of internet activity – has meant mobile phone owners and other consumers expect more of their online connection.

But Michael Phillips, product director at, urges Britons to be more patient as they wait for the next developments.

He explains many feel their web provision is going backwards, but this is not the case and is simply the result of people doing far more with their internet.

"Part of it is the way that people are using their internet connections. The thing I would say to consumers is [that] it's about making sure you are on the right package," Mr Phillips states.

For mobile phone users, this could mean ensuring a network, contract or tariff are the best on offer.

The expert's words come after research by found three million British broadband users are dissatisfied with their internet speed.

Posted by Simon Thomas