Mobile gambling could be reason to sell used phones


Mobile Gambling Could Be Reason To Sell Used Phones

Consumers might find themselves wishing to sell used phones in order to upgrade to a device that will support their gambling needs.

Andrew Pegler, business development director at Mfuse, said sports betting is currently racing ahead of other forms in terms of popularity.

A number of recent events linked to the rise of smartphones are behind the widespread appeal of gambling via a mobile.

"The first was the introduction of the iPhone in Europe in 2008/2009 and the second was the 2010 [football] World Cup in South Africa," Mr Pegler stated.

He noted these have sparked a huge increase in the mobile gambling that is carried out.

However, in order to enjoy a flutter on a handset, it may be that consumers must invest in a top model with the latest technology.

One option is the newest Apple product – the iPhone 4S – which was released recently and sold four million units around the world in its first weekend.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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