Mobile fans 'offered preview of Nokia N8 camera'


Mobile Fans Offered Preview Of Nokia N8 Camera

Mobile phone fans preparing to trade-in their old device in favour of the Nokia N8 may be interested in the brand's latest blog.

Writing for Nokia Conversations, author JBC shows off a collection of photographs taken with the N8's camera at various stages of the device's development.

These could offer future users a sneak preview of what they can expect to enjoy when investing in the handset.

JBC states: "Oh boy, what a treat. We have almost 40 images in all, charting the development of the N8's camera over a period of three months."

As well as enjoying a look at the picture quality, future users may also be interested in noting the technological progress of the phone over time.

The N8 is due to feature a 12-megapixel camera within a modern aluminium design and will allow users to access Nokia's Ovi Store, home of hundreds of apps and downloads.

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Posted by Paul Whalley