Mobile broadband research may tempt Britons to sell used phones


Mobile Broadband Research May Tempt Britons To Sell Used Phones

With the importance of mobile broadband increasing among British consumers, new research on the subject may lead to some people selling used phones.

That is because Ofcom has revealed details of the performance of various brands in the sector.

It found 17 per cent of all households in the country now access mobile broadband services, with seven per cent using it as their only internet source.

There was a notable difference between the speeds provided by companies, with O2, Vodafone and Three said to be faster than T-Mobile and Orange.

Overall, O2 came out on top, as it offered technology that accessed and loaded web pages quicker than its rivals.

Such results could tempt those selling mobiles to switch to the internet provider in order to enjoy the best service.

Earlier this week, Orange announced it has teamed up with Vouchercloud to offer consumers a series of special deals and incentives.

Posted by Simon Thomas