LG GD510 Pop 'boasts green credentials'


LG GD510 Pop Boasts Green Credentials

People looking to recycle an old mobile in order to boost their green credentials may find replacing the device with a new handset from LG could help them reduce their carbon footprint even further.

The South Korean manufacturer's GD510 - which is also referred to as Pop - features a solar-powered battery that means owners are not required to consume energy by plugging the phone in - they simply need to leave the device where there is plenty of natural light.

LG explained: "Ten minutes under the sun provides up to two minutes 15 seconds of talk time or up to 180 minutes of standby time."

Meanwhile, people who like to keep a track of their carbon dioxide emissions may welcome the inclusion of an eco-calculator that shows owners exactly how much energy they save by using the handset's green technology.

The mobile also includes a full touchscreen, as well as an integrated media player.

Another option buyers may wish to consider is LG's recently-released BL40 Chocolate phone.

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