Judge rules Samsung is breaking Apple's patent


Judge Rules Samsung Is Breaking Apples Patent

Samsung's range of Galaxy, Nexus and Transform mobile phones have been using an patent restricted to Apple, a judge has ruled.

The International Trade Commission judge said Samsung had violated Apple's "method and apparatus for providing translucent images on a computer display" patent.

Preliminary findings demonstrated that the company had infringed on its rival's exclusive technology that provides a translucent bubble over the top of text when its selected by a user in apps like the web browser.

If the judgement is upheld it could mean Samsung's Galaxy, Nexus and Transform devices could be banned from being shipped into the United States and this could have ramifications worldwide.

It may have disastrous consequences for the South Korean company, which commands over a fifth of the American smartphone market.

The ruling was made at the end of March, but has only just been made public. A final decision is expected to be confirmed in August this year.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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