iOS 7 to launch on September 18th


IOS 7 To Launch On September 18th

It appears that Apple users won't have to wait too much longer to get their hands on the latest software update for their Cupertino-born mobile phones.

Yesterday (September 10th) Apple held its company event in New York where, among the unveilings of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, Tim Cook announced that iOS 7 would start rolling out from September 18th.

It will be available for download for anyone who owns an iPhone or any of the later upgrades. 

The updates bring a number of new features for Apple users including the ability to search Twitter and Wikipedia using Siri and remembering your commuting routes. It also brings in a lot more features which aid multitasking and a brand new control centre.

iOS 7 has been in the hands of developers in beta form for the past few months but now we are just a week away from the software being available to everyday users.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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