Increased coverage could incentivise trading in mobiles


Increased Coverage Could Incentivise Trading In Mobiles

Britons might find that they have a new reason to trade in mobiles over the coming months, as the provision of signal is set to increase.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, chancellor George Osborne announced that up to £150 million will be spent by the government on connecting 99 per cent of the UK population.

From next year, additional mobile phone mast sites will be purchased, allowing the roll-out to begin.

With the vast majority of the country connected, there will be no reason for anybody – even those living in outlying areas – to reject a mobile.

As well as individuals, the Treasury said that businesses in rural regions will benefit greatly from the scheme, as coverage in such areas is currently poor or non-existent.

Steve Reynolds, president of the Mobile Data Association, last month said that the Olympic Games in London will put pressure on authorities to up levels of mobile coverage in order to cope with the demands of a huge number of visitors.

Posted by Samantha Green

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