Huawei overtakes LG to become top smartphone manufacturer


Huawei Overtakes LG To Become Top Smartphone Manufacturer

Huawei has overtaken LG to become a top-five mobile phone manufacturer after improving its market share by 89.5 per cent across 2012.

Figures from the International Data Corporation (IDC) suggest that the Chinese company's latest Ascend products have helped it to attract new customers.

The P1 model was released last year, sporting a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, eight-megapixel camera and Android operating system.

IDC also believes that software innovations have helped to improve sales - Magic Touch allows users to control the touch-screen while wearing gloves.

The Smart Reading feature allows owners to easily look up definitions, translations or extra information about words without having to leave the e-book screen.

Huawei unveiled its Ascend Mate phablet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, which allegedly has the world's biggest smartphone screen at 6.1 inches.

The manufacturer also unveiled its new flagship D2 model, which has a water and dust-resistant Super Retina LCD display.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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