HD phones could make trade-in of used mobile attractive


HD Phones Could Make Trade In Of Used Mobile Attractive

Trading-in a mobile phone may become an increasingly attractive prospect when a high-definition (HD) handset has been identified as its replacement.

And, with the help of one expert, that can be the case for consumers immediately, should they wish to choose their next device before selling an existing one.

Mark Harris, writing for CNET UK, highlights five models he believes to be the greatest HD handsets currently available to users.

At the top of the list is a new release, the HTC Desire HD, which was this week reviewed by the site's Luke Westaway, who said he "nearly keeled over with excitement" when he learned of its release.

Mr Harris admits it is "shaping up to be one massive mobile" and could be a hit for many months to come.

The other devices to make it on to the expert's shortlist include Apple's iPhone 4, the Motorola Milestone XT720, the Samsung Galaxy S and the original HTC Desire.

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Posted by Ryan White