Google admits less than half of Motorola price was patents


Google Admits Less Than Half Of Motorola Price Was Patents

Google surprised many in the technology industry last year when it made the announcement that it intended to purchase Motorola. It argued that the deal would strengthen its patent portfolio.

However, in a regulatory filing on Tuesday (July 25th), the search giant said that just $5.5 billion (£3.5 billion) of the eventual $12.4 billion price tag was attributable to "patents and developed technology".

At the time of the purchase, chief executive Larry Page said it would help "supercharge Android".

Last week, Google reported second-quarter earnings that included Motorola results from a small portion of the period.

Google claims it contributed around $1.25 billion in revenue, despite posting a $233 million operating loss.

This led chief financial officer at the firm Patrick Pichette to say during a conference call with analysts about the company's strategic plans: "Clearly, everybody should expect some changes at Motorola but we have nothing really to announce right now."

Posted by Simon Thomas

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