Facebook is 'more likely' to buy RIM than any other operator


Facebook Is More Likely To Buy RIM Than Any Other Operator

Facebook could be the most likely operator to purchase Research In Motion's (RIM) handset business.

The Sunday Times recently reported that embattled firm RIM is looking into the possibility of selling BlackBerry.

This is backed up by chief executive officer of RIM Thorsten Heins' openness to the possibility of "strategic business model alternatives".

Since the report, there have been suggestions that a plethora of companies will look to purchase the business but the main competition appears to be between Amazon and Microsoft.

UK managing director for MagicSoftware.com David Akka believes that Facebook is the most likely candidate as the social networking site is struggling with mobile revenue.

He said that Facebook has not properly managed to create a substantial footprint in mobile devices so making a move to purchase RIM "makes a lot of sense".

"The notifications and [the fact that] you're always online with RIM has a lot to do with the whole Facebook concept. It will be a very good, very strong synergy between the two companies," he added.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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