Doctor Who fans may be interested in trading-in mobile


Doctor Who Fans May Be Interested In Trading In Mobile

Fans of cult BBC show Doctor Who may be at the front of the queue to trade-in their mobile phones and join the tablet revolution.

That is because, according to CNET UK writer Rich Trenholm, a special game based on the hit programme has been released exclusively for Apple iPad owners.

The Mazes of Time is a puzzle app that features the Doctor himself, Matt Smith, as well as sidekick Amy Pond – played by Karen Gillan.

Users are asked to control the characters one at a time as they move through rooms solving various challenges.

"The Doctor can use his gangly legs to climb over blocks, while Amy - probably hampered by her short skirt - can only crawl under obstructions," explains Mr Trenholm.

He goes on to note the game has a charming retro feel to it and a simple layout.

Other tablets to join the iPad in the market in recent times include the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy S.

Posted by Claire Marshall