Demand for broadband on mobile phones 'is outpacing supply'


Demand For Broadband On Mobile Phones Is Outpacing Supply

A huge number of mobile phone users are demanding access to broadband services, in the opinion of one expert.

Edd Dawson, editor of, said there are many technologies that have yet to have a significant impact, but internet is not one of them.

However, many operators are struggling to supply a quota of 3G that is able to satisfy the demand of all their customers.

Mr Dawson noted this "is why companies like O2 are trying to put out free Wi-Fi, because it's cheaper for them to provide it over Wi-Fi than it is through their masts over 3G".

Such a tactic also allows the firm to offer a better service – something users can take advantage of by investing in a newer mobile phone.

According to recent statistics released by Acision, a total of 71 per cent of mobile consumers regularly use broadband technology and would like networks to improve their provisions.

Posted by Peter Robinson