Closing arguments delivered in Apple Samsung trial


Closing Arguments Delivered In Apple Samsung Trial

Closing arguments have been delivered in the US patent trial between the two biggest smartphone makers in the world Apple and Samsung.

Apple lawyers accused South Korea-based Samsung of copying Apple designs upon the realisation that it could not compete.

Samsung, however have stated that a win for Apple would result in far less choice for consumers.

The trial, into its fourth week, has seen a number of key witnesses called by both sides.

Judge Lucy Koh instructed the executives of both firms to sit down and try to come to some resolution as any outcome is likely to cause significant damage to them.

In summing up, Apple lawyer Harold McElhinny said Samsung was able to copy and incorporate the result of Apple's four-year investment.

Samsung's lawyer Charles Verhoeven added in his closing statement: "Rather than competing in the marketplace, Apple is seeking a competitive edge in the courtroom. [Apple thinks] it's entitled to having a monopoly on a rounded rectangle with a large screen."

Posted by Simon Thomas

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