Britons offered chance to trade in mobile and switch to Nokia N8


Britons Offered Chance To Trade In Mobile And Switch To Nokia N8

Britons on the lookout for a new mobile phone may be interested to learn that Nokia has launched its latest model.

The Nokia N8 was unveiled to a host of industry experts recently, many of whom took the opportunity to lavish praise on the device.

Using its Nokia Conversations blog, the firm has detailed many of the comments made by observers, some of which highlight the success of its high-resolution, crisp screen.

Andrew Orlowski, writing for the Register, focused on the speed and reliability of the phone, stating: "The most immediate improvement is performance. Menus open smoothly and without delay. Nokia has dispensed with the too-slow transitions."

Meanwhile, Duncan Geere, of Wired UK, said the sheer size and responsiveness of the handset impressed him the most.

Others, such as Andrew Lim, of Recombu, decided to praise the camera of the N8, suggesting it will produce top-quality photographs.

Nokia is the largest manufacturer of mobile devices in the world, selling more than a billion each year.

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Posted by Paul Whalley