BlackBerrys 'a laptop alternative for some'


BlackBerrys A Laptop Alternative For Some

Some of the latest mobile phones are so technologically advanced they are doing the same job as a laptop would, it has been asserted.

According to a spokesman for Neighborhood America, more people than ever are turning to web-enabled handsets to work outside the office - and many of the gadgets have such a wealth of features that they do not need a computer.

Director of CRM and social media strategy for the organisation Michael W Thomas said one particular brand that was serving the needs of many professionals was the Research In Motion [RIM] range.

"Mobile devices such as RIMs BlackBerry devices also enable social media reach-outs such as Twitter to keep your prospects, channel partners and customers up to date in the social media channels," he added.

Neighborhood America provides a host of software solutions aimed at enhancing and streamlining businesses - which mobile recycling could also help contribute to.

President Barack Obama is just one of a number of famous BlackBerry users.

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