Apple iPhone 4S 'contains expensive technology'


Apple IPhone 4S Contains Expensive Technology

The cost of manufacturing an iPhone 4S runs towards a total of almost $250 (£156), new research has revealed.

Consumers wondering exactly what they get for their money when investing in the latest Apple product will be reassured to know that the materials contained within it are of a high quality.

Independent research body IHS iSuppli has confirmed just what goes towards making one of the handsets.

In total, it costs Apple $196 to produce one of the 16GB models, with that price rising for the larger-memory alternatives.

The highest-specification of all, the 64GB iPhone 4S, is valued at $245 in terms of materials.

"While the iPhone 4S shares many common design elements with the two iPhone 4 models already on the market, the new device's status as a world phone has resulted in fascinating design and component changes," stated Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of teardown services for IHS.

The iPhone 4S was released earlier this month in seven countries and sold more than four million units in its first weekend.

Posted by Samantha Green

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