Apple iPhone 3G S gets power booster


Apple IPhone 3G S Gets Power Booster

Apple iPhone 3G S users may find their new mobile is not equipped for long journeys, one company has suggested.

Handset peripheral manufacturer Mophie said that a common complaint when it comes to the gadget is its inability to sustain power for long periods of time - a problem it has claimed to have been able to solve.

The company unveiled the Juice Pack Air this week - and took the opportunity to point out why it could be a travel essential for iPhone users who need to travel long distances.

A statement from Mophie added: "The Juice Pack Air is designed to give additional battery time for the iPhone 3G [and] 3G S as well as being a protective case. It is available in black, white or purple and is a travel essential."

Officially, Apple claims the battery life of the iPhone 3G S is up to 12 hours in normal talk time mode. However, 3G facilities reduce this to around five hours.

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