Amazon 'planning to expand mobile ambitions'


Amazon Planning To Expand Mobile Ambitions

Amazon is planning on expanding its mobile phone platforms and broaden the services it offers, according to analysts.

Experts claim that the firm will try and provide more devices than just its e-readers and the hugely popular Kindle Fire Tablet.

According to president of US Retail for Staples Demos Parneros, Amazon will introduce up to five or six new tablet stock-keeping units.

Amazon is currently making its own tablets as a way of helping to sell more digital goods such as MP3s, movies, TV shows, apps and games.

Bloomberg reported earlier this month that the company is currently working on a smartphone that could compete with Apple. It quoted sources that suggested they would be open to using either Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating system.

Executive at PopCap Giordano Contestabile commented: "Amazon will keep working on this path of providing mobile devices and tablet devices."

Posted by Simon Thomas

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