Sony Ericsson C901: Green by being well-equipped


Sony Ericsson C901: Green By Being Well Equipped

The recently-announced Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart could solve an issue that has plagued environmentally-focussed handsets in the past, it has been suggested.

According to an article for Mobile Gazette, models that boast eco-credentials - the type that may interest those recycling mobile phones - are traditionally not equipped with high-end features.

However, it explained the C901 comes with an integrated five-megapixel Cyber-shot camera with xenon flash, 3.5G connectivity, Memory Stick Micro support and a built-in multimedia player and web browser.

The piece said this type of detail was important, because buying a future-proofed model will mean it keeps the buyer content for longer.

It concluded: "The specification of the C901 GreenHeart should be good enough to keep you happy for a couple of years, so in this respect the phone is greener."

Sony Ericsson announced the new handset last week, following the launch of three others - the Saito Aino and Yari - the previous month.

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