Mobile recycling 'should not be forgotten'


Mobile Recycling Should Not Be Forgotten

Consumers have been reminded that it is essential that they recycle used mobiles whenever they buy a new model.

In a piece posted on the Recombu website this week, it is noted that in the past people did not have the problem of having technology move so fast that they ended up with a drawer full of unwanted gadgets.

However, it noted that although people in the past may have "survived without mobile phones" this is a rarity nowadays - and as such, it is essential to keep in mind what happens when it comes to disposing of their replacements.

"Unfortunately most people think their old mobile phones are worthless," it added. "Old phones tend to end up in drawers never to be used again."

But it concluded by saying that recycling is a good way to generate cash for these unwanted electrical products.

Consumers with eco-friendly gadget shopping in mind may be interested to learn that this week it was reported Dell would begin shipping its netbooks in bamboo packaging.

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Published by Noel Mellor