Apple iPhone 3G S shoppers encouraged to recycle mobile phones


Apple IPhone 3G S Shoppers Encouraged To Recycle Mobile Phones

With the new Apple iPhone 3G S hitting stores this weekend, some consumers may be worried about how they will raise the cash to purchase the device.

However, mobile recycling is an option that could be considered - and is a move one international loyalty firm is actively encouraging.

Air Miles has announced its status as the official sponsor of a scheme based in the United Arab Emirates, which will see the organisation offering incentives to those taking part.

The firm is making 120,000 points available to people as a way to get them to trade in their used mobile when opting for a replacement.

In addition, Air Miles head of public relations Fiona Leslie said the organisation was "committed to raising awareness" of mobile recycling, as it wanted to "show that it is possible [...] to dispose of mobile phones or electronic devices properly".

Of course, one simple way to get rid of a used mobile correctly, take advantage of a financial incentive and fund an Apple iPhone 3G S would be to hand over the device to Mazuma.

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