Trade-in of mobile may be required to listen to music


Trade In Of Mobile May Be Required To Listen To Music

In order to listen to music on the go for little or no cost, users may find they have to trade-in their used mobile phone and upgrade to a newer model.

Tim Green, executive editor at Mobile Entertainment magazine, suggests streaming is now the primary way to access tracks.

Indeed, he says the music market is "dominated" by the technology, which offers consumers the chance to listen to their favourite music without having to download the file permanently on to their handset.

Applications such as Spotify have made this not only free but especially simple.

Referring to Spotify, Mr Green says the feature is increasing its user base by becoming available on mobile phones, before adding: "That's where the action is coming from".

A study of the five leading mobile markets by comScore found just eight per cent of owners who use their device to listen to music have downloaded it directly.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw