Social media 'can help people bag a bargain'


Social Media Can Help People Bag A Bargain

Social media is a great way for people to hunt down a bargain.

According to TV presenter and consumer champion Dominic Littlewood, modern technology - such as social media and mobile phones - has made bargain hunting much easier.

He claimed that finding the best price was something that Brits take great pride in, stating: "We've always been interested in deals, because it gives us a great sense of pleasure whenever we get something at a discounted price."

Mr Littlewood noted that one of the key changes that social media has introduced is that bargains now hunt down consumers - not the other way around.

He said that people who were yet to go online in search of money saving discount vouchers and online deals were missing out. And with 3G internet on smartphones, a landline and broadband connection are not necessary to bag a bargain.

However, the discounts afforded by social media may be cancelled out by the amount mobile phone users needlessly spend on tariffs that offer more minutes and data than they use.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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