One of the things you need to consider carefully when you are thinking about phone recycling is personal security. These days, identity theft is a major risk and a growing crime right around the world, and you do not want your personal data in the hands of someone who could use it for fraudulent purposes.

When you are deciding to recycle mobile phones for cash, there are two things to take into consideration. First, the personal data you are entering on the company’s website, and secondly the data that is held on your phone.

At Mazuma mobile phone recycling, we take both of these issues very seriously indeed, as you will see when you check out the responsibility page of our website.

First, registration on our website. We offer a safe, secure registration process which is guarded by SSL encryption. This means that the information that passes between your web browser and our website stays private and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised parties. Look for the ‘Secured by SSL’ logo on our pages.

You keep a lot of information on your old mobile phones, and while some of it is on your SIM card, some is not. It can be very hard to remove this information completely, and of course you would not want it to fall into the wrong hands.

At Mazuma we offer you a Mobile Data Delete Tool that is unique; one of the first in Europe, in fact. This is free, and gives you directions for most models and makes.

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