There are heaps of disposable things in our lives. We choose to be proactive. Modern life can be tough to keep tabs on – does your laptop brand use minerals from unregulated mines? Is that packaging just shiny cardboard or cardboard with a layer of plastic? But that’s no excuse to put your blinkers on and ignore the whole roundabout of recycling! We’re all guilty of being lazy from time to time, but did you know you can sell mobile phones for cash? Get cash for old clothes? Even cash for broken electronics!
That old CD player was once a prized possession. Sure, it’s now been replaced by the all-in-one brilliance of your iPhone, but it can still make you a little dosh at a car boot sale or online through an auction website. There are loads of folks out there looking for spare parts and devices that can be broken down or used without worrying about the replacement cost. £9.99 on eBay for that old Sony Walkman has to be better than a lifetime in the landfill and £0!
Random bits and bobs could net you more than you think. Looked in the shed recently? In the back bedroom wardrobe? In the loft? There are usually heaps of old things that SOMEONE will want for a few quid. Disposing of stuff can be a chore, so instead of flinging that old sofa in the landfill, put it on an auction website as “Collection Only”
Our advice? Trade in your mobile and reap the wonderful, wonderful rewards from the Mazuma phone recycling scheme!

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