There are relatively few things that we British could be considered to be truly world class at. Indeed, fields like sport, fiscal economics and international peace are hardly our strong points. However, there is one very important field in which Britain really does punch well above its weight – environmental awareness.

Indeed, we Brits have grown to embrace our environmental responsibilities with great vigour over the last decade. This can be seen in the fact that nearly 40% of UK households now recycle their waste on a regular basis. Much of this success can be attributed to the ease with which local authorities have made recycling. Certainly, putting cans, bottles and wrappers in a box or bin and getting them collected once a fortnight is far more convenient for people than throwing all their waste into the car and hunting down a bottle bank and recycling station.

However, recycling isn’t just for cans, bottles and wrappers.

In fact, there are a whole host of items that can be recycled these days and we here at Mazuma Mobile are very pleased to say that mobile phones are amongst them.

Why recycle mobile phones?
Most mobile phones contain toxic substances which can leak into the environment and cause damage when they are thrown into landfill sites. Now, it has been estimated that the average household in the UK has at least four unused handsets lying around and collecting dust in various drawers, cupboards and garages. Of course, when consumers upgrade their phones, they (usually) throw their old handsets away. This means that millions of toxic handsets could potentially be going into landfill sites each year and causing our planet serious, irreparable harm.

What we here at Mazuma Mobile want to do is encourage people to sell their old Nokias, iPhones and Blackberry’s to us so that we can recycle them and put them to good use. This will help to ensure that landfill sites become less contaminated and reduce further damage to our wounded planet.

Oh, and as well as that; the people who sell Nokia mobile phones, Blackberry handsets and iPhone devices to us will also get a nice financial reward for their efforts.

What happens to recycled phones?
We aim to make the process of recycling mobile phones just as easy as recycling cans, bottles and wrappers. First off, we will reimburse anyone who sends us their phone with a nice cheque, bank transfer or Argos voucher for the sum they were promised online. Next, we will send their phone to a part of the world where it will be very much appreciated (i.e. the developing world). Indeed, people in places like Asia, Africa and the Indian sub-continent will benefit greatly from having a working mobile phone as communications in some parts of the developing world are very limited indeed.

Whilst this type of recycling may be a little unorthodox, it is very effective and without doubt, incredibly worthwhile.

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