Drive a hard bargain

As a mobile phone contract period comes ends, the consumer holds all the cards when it comes to bargaining for a better deal. In the cut throat world of mobile sales, competition is fierce and better phones, improved contracts and even free gifts are thrown into the mix from every direction.

Before throwing yourself into the fray, however, a little preparation will pay dividends. Shop around online or on the high street to see what deals exist, and make a list of your favourites. Comparison sites give detailed overviews of what handsets and gifts are available, and the contracts that will secure them.

The next step is to outline exactly what is most important to you and approach the competition. Keeping your number and staying with your existing provider is convenient, but remember that taking your number elsewhere is also very straightforward. Securing a favourable offer from elsewhere will prompt your provider to take steps to keep you.

Do have a backup plan: decide on the least you’ll accept before you walk away. Bargaining with expert salesmen can require nerves of steel and you have to be willing to stick to your guns if you have to. Have another deal you’ll be happy with if your provider won’t play the game.

To top off the deal, relax and treat yourself to some cashback. When you sell your old mobile phones to Mazuma, you need bargain no more as we hand out cash for phones without delay.

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Getting Money For Your Old Phone

There are many great reasons to recycle mobile phones. Perhaps you want to do your part to help save the earth and make the environment a safer place for future generations? Or maybe you just feel that reusing is a better use of resources? But perhaps you have never thought about getting money for your old phone?

To sell old mobile phones, all you really need to do is find a company that is tried and tested and that will take your specific model of phone. Most companies like this have websites where you can type in your phone’s information to find out how much it is worth, or you can contact them to ask how much it is worth.

But you shouldn’t send your phone off to a company that you have not researched at all. It’s so easy to put up a website quickly, and many con artists do this to get money and then disappear the next day. Look for companies that have an established web presence, preferably with either feedback from happy customers or a way for you to contact a real person to ask questions.

You can also find out if you have found a trusted mobile phone recycling website by searching the internet for any information about the website written by other people. Put quotation marks around the name of the company to find that exact company’s name elsewhere on the Web.

Once you are satisfied with a company you have found, you’re all set. Get your phone posted off, and enjoy the money you receive in exchange!

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The people that rely on your choice to recycle your mobile phone

An important aspect that should be taken into consideration when selling mobile phone is that although the price for the brand of phone and model number may be quoted, it’s really a guide as most mobile recycling websites will assess the condition of your handset when they receive it, and take that into account when offering you cash for it.

Many refurbished old mobile phones are directly shipped out to people in developing third world areas to provide them critical access to a cheap mobile which will be of a higher standard than they will have seen or used before.

Old mobile phones that broken or do not work very well are immediately put through the recycling process. A lot of the components are immediately recycled, and some old handsets actually have small quantities of gold and silver inside them, which is extracted during the recycling process.

Choosing to recycle mobiles for cash means that everybody involved, whether it is yourself as a mobile phone user or another person who can make good use of your old mobile phone. The wider impact that recycling has on global environment issues can not be underestimated, so making a decision that can benefit everyone involved is more important than ever.

We at Mazuma Mobile are experts in mobile phone recycling providing a fast mobile recycling service with competitive cash deals to those choosing to use us to sell a mobile for recycling.

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What’s your mobile worth to you?

Sitting around homes across Britain, gathering dust but no attention, are thousands, maybe millions, of old mobile phones. Some may not even be that old, but usurped by the latest apps, gadgets and functionalities. All but forgotten, they represent no real value to their owners.

However all old mobiles, provided they’re intact, have a value. They can be reused, or the precious resources they contain can be recycled. Representing a chance to protect the environment, and offering affordable technology to the developing world, each phone is priceless. Better still, here at Mazuma Mobile they do have a price, and we’ll take old mobiles for cash at the click of a mouse.

If you take the cash and put it to something you want, you’ll really understand the value of your old mobile. So what is your old phone worth to you? An old, not very fashionable, not so clever, dusty box instantly becomes a romantic meal on a Saturday night or weeks of fun with the latest game for your X-box or Wii. The latest, greatest model, conveniently funded by your contract, could be worth much more. Transform phones into cinema tickets or family days out; buy yourself a heart-stopping bungee jump or a white-knuckle white-water ride. Make it unforgettable and let your imagination run wild. Mobile phone recycling has never been so much fun!

Even the cheapest models may be worth millions: use your old phone number to choose the lottery numbers on the ticket you buy. Well, you never know…

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Stamped Address Envelopes – Mobile Recycling Made Easy

Due to the increased use of electronic devices every effort has been made to make the recycling of these items easier and of more importance to the average citizen. Of course this is not an easy task especially when considering that recycling in general does not form a habitual part of most people’s everyday life. Initiatives in the form of stamped address envelopes have been launched in which customers are encouraged to send their old mobiles back to the phone company free of charge. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for the average citizen to recycle, this way they don’t even have to leave their front room and yet form an active part of the recycling community.

Having made the decision to recycle phones, it is important to bear in mind the data that is stored in the memory before sending it off. This is often something that is forgotten by the average customer with phone companies receiving thousands of handsets full of photos and personal information on a monthly basis. Of course, most are reputable companies that proceed to erase any unwanted data before commencing the recycling process, however, should it end up in unwanted hands, your personal details might well be used to your disadvantage.

You should also remember to save any necessary phone numbers for future reference before formatting the phone’s memory. This can easily be done by inserting your old SIM card into the new phone and transferring any required information.

At Mazuma Mobile we can help you exchange old mobiles for cash or simply help you recycle your unwanted handset.

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Free Mobile Phone Recycling

It is thought that each Christmas an estimated 40-50% of the British population receives an electronic device in the form of an MP3 player, iPod, a new computer or some sort of games console as a Christmas present. Some even receive them for achieving high marks in a particular exam or just general good behaviour. This of course has huge repercussions for the recycling industry and in fact indicates that the same 40-50% of the population has an old device lying around at the back of some drawer.

Due to pressure placed upon large electrical retailers by the government and indeed the EU, some have launched a new campaign for free mobile phone recycling and indeed any other electrical item, even if it was not originally purchased at that store. Some have even set up useful collection services in that if you were to buy a new flat screen TV, upon delivery the electrical retailer would happily take away the old one and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.

If you are not in need of any new electrical device, but simply want to dispose of your old or extra mobiles and MP3 players correctly, then there is always the option to exchange your old mobiles for cash which would not only give you some spare money, but you would also be doing your part to help the environment.

At Mazuma Mobile we can help you sell your mobile phone for cash and get the most out of your old mobile.

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Phone Recycling has Never Been Easier

It is clear that the mobile phone came into our lives as a positive technological advance and has continued to grow ever since. Older members of society, those in their late 20′s onwards will remember the world before everybody had a mobile phone in their hand and had to use public telephone boxes or the landline to call their friends and arrange to meet or even just to chat. Of course this was before the text messaging era. Whereas now it couldn’t be easier to communicate with loved ones, before it meant going out of your way to call round at their house or catching them at home on the landline.

This growth of technological devices and the continual development of new ones has meant many mobile phones immediately go out of fashion and are replaced by new 3rd generation or tactile ones. This of course brings about serious consequences for the environment when old mobile phones are not disposed of correctly or effectively. It also gives us the opportunity to work together to promote green issues and take advantage of the offers phone recycling can offer. Many phone shops have opened phone banks for the correct disposal of your old mobile phones and others offer the opportunity to exchange old mobile phones for cash or a reduction on a new contract or mobile phone.

At Mazuma Mobile we offer cash for phones and are here to help you get rid of your old mobile in a more eco friendly way.

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