Time to Cash in on Your Old Mobile Phone

The recession is biting hard, and everybody is looking for ways to save money. At times like this, we all have to tighten our belts and find other ways to scrimp, save and scrounge a little extra cash.

Rummaging around in the loft and garden for things to sell is always a good idea, but cleaning it all, and making everything presentable can take a lot of time and effort. And when you do have the sale, proving all your electricals work properly is exhausting, and haggling over sometimes as little as 50p can seem so petty and futile.

Then there is the dilemma between selling an item because you need the money, and giving it away cheaply to the noisy neighbour down the road who plays guitar until 2am in the morning. Or being persuaded into selling a job lot of your childhood collection of brass badges for a tiny sum, by a dealer who you know will get at least triple in the next antique fair.

Well, at Mazuma Mobile we have at least one solution to earn you a few pennies without any of the trouble of a car boot sale. We give you cash for phones! No haggling, no fuss. If you have any old mobile phones you wish to recycle, log onto our website and find out how much we will pay you.

Mobile recycling is an easy way to earn that much needed cash.

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Recycling hints and tips online

Recycling can be fun, creative and unbelievably simple. Here are 5 online sources to capture your imagination and get you recycling in your own home. Every little helps!

  1. Encourage your kids to move away from the Wii and take up those old favourites – old egg cartons, toilet rolls and sticky-backed plastic. Websites such as www.recycling-guide.org.uk and www.recyclezone.org.uk present some fun and imaginative recycling activities for your young ones.
  2. http://uk.freecycle.org is the home of the nation’s many local Freecycle groups. Post your offer of anything from old bricks and to bikes and computers. Anything goes, literally. It must be offered for free but all you need to do is be there when the recipient collects.
  3. We soon forget about old mobile phones once we’ve got a shiny new gadget in our hands. Mobile phone recycling is so easy: simply enter your handset details at www.mazumamobile.com, accept the offer and await the prepaid envelope in the post. Cash for mobiles should arrive in no more than 7 days.
  4. At www.recyclethis.co.uk, you can get hints and tips on how to recycle those things your local council won’t collect. If you can’t find the item you’re looking for, just post a question!
  5. And if you want to know where your nearest recycling points are, your first stop needs to be recycling database www.wasteconnect.co.uk, who’ll send you in the right direction.

So there it is – recycling starts from the comfort of your armchair. Make it easy on yourself, and the environment. Get recycling.

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Easy for you

It is so easy to obtain a phone in the UK today. A walk around supermarkets or a stroll down the high street is all it takes to find the best mobile phone offers around. Due to the intense competition in the mobile phone market, there are fantastic deals to be had. As networks compete for your business, the choice of handsets increases and the prices drop. As a result, we have immense freedom of choice and real bargaining power.

Phones, including the latest models, are heavily subsidised by monthly contracts, making them affordable or often free. Even pay-as-you-go handsets, while not as cheap, are well within our financial reach. Combine the low price of mobiles with our country’s relative wealth and it’s clear that it is far easier for us to change and upgrade our phones than in many parts of the world.

In developing countries such as India or China, handsets are rarely subsidised as airtime is sold separately to the phone, meaning the cost of new mobiles is beyond the means of the average person. This is where mobile phone recycling plays an important part. At Mazuma Mobile, we believe in the importance of mobile recycling wherever possible and, while giving you cash for old phones, provide affordable handsets in bulk to these countries.

So on your return from the high street with your latest acquisition, pop your old mobile into a prepaid envelope. As long as it is in good working order, someone else will benefit from it.

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Getting in Touch with Your Greener Self

If you are thinking of becoming a more environmentally aware member of society you may well want to consider ways of recycling in order to help the planet and become more environmentally friendly. Some of the following recycling tips are easy to follow and should be of interest to most:

  • Clothes are something many do not even consider recycling and although handing them down to younger members of the family could also be classed as recycling, you should be aware of the growing number of clothes recycling points provided by the local government which can be found now on many a street corner.
  • Tyre recycling is often carried out by the same garage that changes them on your car, however it should be remembered that if this is not the case, it is worthwhile depositing them in the correct place yourself, especially when considering what they can be used for. As well as being used for retreading and export, old tyres can also be used for the very worthy cause of sports surfaces and for the covering of children’s play areas.
  • One of the easiest things we can recycle and should feel obliged to do so is the mobile phone. Many exchange their old mobiles for cash which is one way to raise funds; others simply hand in their handsets for mobile phone recycling.

At Mazuma Mobile we take mobile phones for cash and can help you do your part for the environment.

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Ways To Make Some Cash

If you are looking for some ways to make some cash this holiday season, look no further. Here are some great ideas that you can get started now to earn a little extra money. These ideas are aimed to be useful to a wide majority of people – some may be useful to you and some may not.

  1. Try child minding or being a companion for an elderly person. Make sure you are CRB checked if necessary, and try to work with an organization such as a nanny agency to make sure that you are doing things properly. This is a great job for young adults and teens, though nearly anyone can do it.
  2. Watch pets or walk dogs. Many people need to leave their pet home when they go on holiday, but some would far rather leave their pets with an individual than with a cattery or kennel. You could be that person. If you are a responsible pet owner, so much the better – other pet owners will be more likely to trust you.
  3. Sell Mobile Phones. No, not as a salesman. Sell old mobile phones to companies that recycle them. You can generally get at least £10 for an old phone, and sometimes more than £100 depending on your make and model. Of course when you recycle phones you are also doing the environment a favour.

These are just a few ideas to help you make some extra cash. Try to come up with some other ways and soon you should have a pretty good nest egg set aside.

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Selling Old Moblies For Cash

Selling old mobiles for cash is a great way to earn a little extra money. You can even get friends and family involved, or total strangers – especially if you are raising money for a good cause, like a charity. Here are some tips and suggestions as you get started selling mobile phones for cash.

First, do some research to find a good company. There are many out there, and some are far better than others. Some are not going to give you much money, and some may not even be legitimate. Try to find one with a lot of information on the website, contact information and online support, as well as free information and a free quote on what your phone is worth.

You should try to find a company that offers a simple process. Some simply request that you give your details so they can send you a free post envelope. It’s as simple as that. You can expect your payment soon after you send in your phone.

If you are trying to raise money for charity or some other cause, you might want to set up a program with the charity or organization to make you legitimate so that people will trust you. Strangers aren’t likely to fork over their old phones unless they know for sure that their money is not going to you but going to fund a good cause.

So, why not sell your phone and get started? Try it once, and you may find that you want to keep collecting old phones and keep it up.

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Being Green With Your Phone

Did you know that if you don’t recycle your old mobile phone and you throw it away, you are putting bad toxins into the environment? But if you recycle mobile phones with Mazuma, you will be doing the environment a favour – and yourself one too, because Mazuma will pay you for your old phone!

Mobile phone recycling is becoming more and more popular, even as a way to raise money for charity or some other cause. You can trust Mazuma to pay you what your phone is worth, and you will always receive the amount you were quoted or you will get your phone back free.

You can go to the website and enter your phone’s information – brand and model number – to find out how much it is worth. Then you can sign up for a free post envelope. This allows you to simple drop your phone into a post box and send it off to Mazuma with no cost to you.

When Mazuma receives your phone, you will receive payment the very same day. You can even choose what method of payment you would prefer, whether that is cheque, direct bank payment, or even sometimes an Argos voucher.

So, why not sell your mobile and get a little bit of extra cash this Christmas? You could use it for gift shopping, or a special treat for yourself. Think of all the coffee you could buy with that money. Or you could save it toward your next summer holiday.

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The Thrill Of The Chase

We all know the excitement of receiving a new mobile phone, particularly if it is hard-won after determined contract negotiation. By steadfastly sticking to your guns, and possibly threatening to leave for a competitor, you finally come to an agreement which includes free provision of your ideal mobile and all the minutes you could wish for. It’s a thrill we all recognise and, like most thrills, we sometimes find ourselves wanting more.

This occasion comes around quite regularly for most mobile phone users. As technology advances, so do your desires, wants and needs. As you use the new phone the novelty fades, it loses its shine and you start to look elsewhere. Each time this happens you find another phone floating around the house with nowhere to go.

The good news is that people out there need your old phone and recycling old mobiles for cash is now quick and easy online. In developing countries, airtime is often sold separately to the handset and the cost of a new mobile can be prohibitive. Second-hand phones then, are the perfect solution. Yet bear in mind that older phones don’t hold much appeal anywhere, so the value of your handset can depreciate rapidly. If you sell your old mobile as soon as you upgrade at Mazuma Mobile we can give you the best possible price for it.

Think of it this way: by recycling your old phone, you provide others with the chance to experience the same thrill of receiving a top-quality phone they can afford.

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