Officially the Easiest Thing in the World to Do

There are many things in this world that are very difficult to do. For example, if you wanted to climb Mount Everest, you would need a whole team of support staff, huge amounts of investment and sponsorship, years of fitness training and mountaineering experience, and last but no means least, a very good map.

Alternatively, there are a few things you can do that are remarkably easy, for example mobile phone recycling. This was not always so. There have been many other companies wishing to recycle all manner of items, but have failed because of their overly complicated forms and complex procedures. However, the times have changed and companies have developed and now our bright team of scientists and professionals at Mazuma Mobile have made the process the easiest thing you can do.

Firstly, when you go to our website you will see a great big button that says ‘Sell My Mobile’. There are a selection of the brands available to you, all you have to do is match your phone with the logo and click. Next you see an array of handsets. Once again, click on the one that’s yours. All you do now is punch in your IMEI number and tell us if you want cash or vouchers.

Next thing you know, there is an envelope at your door marked ‘please return post haste’. Pop your unwanted phone and send it off. Finally, just wait for your cheque. It couldn’t be any easier.

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A Greener Approach to Mobile Phones

The world has to make big changes to protect our environment. Obviously we want the advances that new technology provides us, but we need to continue to strive towards a better, more responsible, greener future. Each year, world leaders attend international summits to discuss the challenges ahead, and how we all do something to change the way we live and make this a greener world.

It’s a significant problem, and one that we have to take responsibility for. Last year, just under 100 million mobile phones were bought. Almost all of them were to replace pre-existing mobiles. That’s an awful lot of waste, and now we are starting to see the effects, with mountains of unwanted, unused mobile phones developing around the western world.

This is a tragedy, particularly since most of these phones are perfectly good. They work absolutely fine, and whilst we live in a world of choice and excess, there are many people in other countries who are not so lucky.

At Mazuma Mobile, we have worked hard to find ways to recycle phones. We try to resell all the phones traded with us to markets in developing countries, where the cost of a mobile phone may be prohibitive. Any phones that still remain unwanted dispose of in the greenest way possible.

The task of dealing with the worlds’ environmental waste cannot be dealt with if you sell old mobile phones, but it is at least a start.

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A Solution for Student Debt

The student life can be very hard. Paying for tuition fees, accommodation, food and books, not to forget the odd night out with your friends, can take a lot of money. Borrowing on your student loan may seem like a good idea at the time, but a far better idea is to cut back on your spending, or perhaps find other sources of income.

How many of us have the time though, to sort out all our junk, and price it up, stick it in the back of a car and look for a car-boot sale on a Sunday morning? For one, that may mean missing out on Saturday night, and for another that means putting up with endless people trying to offer you 50p for something worth a lot more.

A far easier way to scrape some extra money is to sell your old mobile phones for cash. At Mazuma Mobile we already know what your phone is worth, and our simple system means you can sell your mobile in no time at all.

First just log on to our website and identify the phone you want to sell. There are hundreds of phones on there, but even if yours isn’t the one featured, just type in the make and model for an offer. Next we give you an envelope for you to send it to us. And provided the phone works, the cheque is in the post. It couldn’t be any easier.

It’s the easiest way to make yourself a little cash to help out with those student expenses.

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Let us get rid of your old mobile phones

Ever wondered what to do with those old mobile phones lying around the house? Mazuma Mobile is a web-based company that will give you cash for old mobile phones. Why go out looking for good prices for your old mobile phones when you can do it safely and conveniently over the Internet?

We offer competitive prices for any make and model of mobile phones that are still in working order with little or no cosmetic damage. Mazuma Mobile will openly buy phones that are in complete working order. Meaning it should switch both on and off, charge properly, have a working display screen and are able to make calls.

The old mobile phones that we buy from the public are then refurbished and sold in underprivileged countries, where the cost of new mobile phones is too high for most to obtain. This brings reliable communication to areas where it is much needed.

The old mobile phones that are not fit for re-selling are then stripped of working spare parts and the rest is then recycled to ensure they have as little of an effect on the environment as possible. With the ever increasing need to be environmentally conscious, you will have the peace of mind that you are doing your part in conserving the earth and make money by doing so.

Mazuma Mobile is the way to go when considering to get rid of your unwanted old mobile phones for cash. Our services are quick and easy and free to anyone living in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If you are living outside of these areas please contact us and we will see if we can work something out.

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Cash for mobiles

With the current economic recession that is causing people all over the world to see where they can save money and forcing people to cut costs wherever possible, it is good to know that you can still make some money by getting rid of things that you no longer use. We are not talking about pawning or selling your second hand goods for well below their actual market value for a few quid. We are talking about selling your old mobile phones.

Mazuma Mobiles have a cash for mobiles system in which we will by all your old mobile phones for cash. This means to you that you can finally get rid of all your old mobile phones without doing it in such a way that will cause harm to the environment. Our cash for mobiles system is a type of recycling program in which we try to make sure that old mobile phones do not end up in the regular trash bin.

We buy both working and non working old mobile phones in our cash for mobiles system.  They do have to be in a certain condition and you will be able to get more details on that when you go to our website to see how much we are willing to pay for your old mobile phones.

Our cash for mobiles system aims to reduce the number of old mobile phones that end up in the trash by buying it from you and then re using them or discarding them in the correct manner.

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Phone Recycling has Never Been Easier

Most of us have old mobile phones lying around the house. We know they will never be used again, but for some reason we keep them. Maybe in the back of our minds we think one day something will happen to my mobile, and I may need to switch. Perhaps we are too attached to our old friend and don’t have the heart to get rid of it.

More likely though, we simply don’t have the time to deal with it. It’s a mobile phone after all; this is a serious piece of equipment. You don’t just throw out a mobile phone without thinking about it. And so, in the depths of indecision, your poor mobile stays in the drawer along with the candles and last years’ address book.

At Mazuma Mobile, we recognise that finding the time and making the effort to dig out the old phone and sell it can be more than it’s worth. So, we have worked hard to devise the simplest and most efficient, stress-free method for you to recycle mobile phones for cash.

First comes the fun part. Going to our website and scanning through the lists. Simply by clicking on the “Sell My Mobile” tab you will find a list of different manufacturers from Apple to Blackberry. In seconds you can see what your phone is worth. Next we send you a freepost envelope. Pop your phone in and send it off. After a quick check at our end, you’ll find yourself a little richer. It’s never been so simple to sell your phone.

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When Old is Better than New

Sometimes a new contract can ruin a perfectly good relationship. Most people become very attached to the phone they have, it is their own personal space, a part of their identity. From the screen savers to background wallpaper to ring tones.

Contracts with phone companies almost always come with a new phone, to replace your much loved and cared for extension of your identity. This can be quite a shock to the system. Perhaps the colour is wrong, or it slides in the wrong way. Perhaps the keyboard is too small, or the phone fails to integrate properly with your peripherals. Perhaps the phone just feels bulky and wrong. There are many reasons why a phone just isn’t right for you.

It may be that the only phone styles you would consider changing to are no longer available, which gives you a great opportunity to put some extra cash in your pocket.

Sticking with the phone you know and love and getting paid for your unused phone is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash, and help pay off that long contract.

If you want to get paid to recycle phones old and new and let someone who enjoys the new technology, take it on, we at Mazuma Mobile are the people to talk to. Our website takes you through the simple process to recycle mobile phones for cash. Look up your unwanted mobile and see how much you can earn.

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Get Cash for Your Phone and Buy Your Heart’s Desire

There are many mobile phones on the market vying for the top spot e.g. Samsung and Apple, but in the last two years the Asian company HTC has grown to be a formidable player in the hard fought mobile sector.

Known for their innovation, HTC has a rich heritage of being the first, from producing the first Microsoft wireless pocket PC in 2002, to the first intuitive touch screen, in June 2007, which allowed for finger tip navigation.

The range of HTC phones is truly dazzling and they regularly feature in the industry top ten’s. At the Global Mobile Awards 2010, HTC Hero picked up the prestigious Best Mobile handset or device award. And the HTC Desire was recently voted the world’s best phone by, ahead of the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S. With its massive 3.7inch screen, simple button scheme, and brilliantly intuitive touch screen system, HTC have produced another classic phone. It’s light, it’s small, it’s perfectly grippy and it’s very sexy. What more can you ask for in a piece of mobile engineering.

It’s time for a little mobile phone recycling!

At Mazuma Mobile we recycle mobile phones for cash. It’s very simple. Just go on to our website and look up your phone on our catalogue. Tell us which phone it is and wait for our freepost envelope to arrive. Simply pop it in the post and once we have checked the order we’ll be sending cash within just 48 hours. Everyone is happy!

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