AMOLED Screens to Revolutionise the Mobile Market

AMOLED technology is here to stay, so all the technical experts tell us, but what is AMOLED technology and what’s so special about it?

AMOLED is an acronym that stands for the incredibly technical sounding Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Well, the active matrix is a rather grand way to say that the screen has layers. We have all become relatively used to the term LED, having had watches that first ran on LED displays in the eighties, and more recently some of our flat screen TV’s run on LED screens, often with a backlight for greater colour.

The Organic Light Emitting Diode is a relatively new development. These organic compounds are lighter, malleable, flexible and more durable than their crystal based alternatives. They work under the same principle, with varying amounts of electricity causing the compound to light up in a variety of colours. And in combination with other layers, creates a full spectrum, appropriate for TV’s, monitors and more noticeably mobile phones.

AMOLED displays take up less energy than their counterparts, as well as having a higher refresh rate, which is why Samsung have invested so much time with them to produce the Galaxy S. This incredible phone has a massive four inch screen and is considered by many to have the best colour of all the current mobiles on the market.

If you are thinking of buying a Galaxy S, don’t forget to sell your mobile with Mazuma Mobile. We will give you cash for mobiles and help you pay for that new handset.

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It’s My Mobile and I’ll Cry if I Want to

We all have the problem from time to time. What are we going to do with those old mobile phones once they have stopped working? Clearly, these wonderful and well loved pieces of technology that we have lovingly kept safe in phone socks and adorned with glittery trinkets cannot be simply discarded like unwanted packaging. So, we have come up with a few possibilities for you to consider.

  1. Your old mobile phone could make an excellent and unusual replacement for a brick in that new barbeque you are building.
  2. How about practicing your juggling with a few of these small handsets. They don’t bounce that well, but it’s okay – you are not supposed to drop them.
  3. Flip phones are an excellent alternative to communicators for that production of ‘Star Trek – The Musical’ you are in.
  4. Dog got no bone? Well, try a phone. Make sure it’s pretty strong though, as those little bits can choke!

Seriously though, At Mazuma Mobile we will give your beloved retired phone the life it deserves. When you sell your mobile, we work hard to ensure at least 95% of the phones we trade in get reused in developing markets around the world, giving your beloved friend a new life.

Mobile phone recycling not only gives you peace of mind knowing it will be loved once again, but also gives you a little cash, too.

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Your Old Mobile – Recycle or Sell?

With an sector such as the mobile phone industry growing rapidly by the day, it is not unusual for even the most non-technological people to have old mobile phones in their bottom drawer. ‘Old’ of course, does not always mean broken, but just simply out of date, therefore it is not always necessary and is certainly not very productive just to throw it away. With the parallel growth of the Internet and online auction companies such as eBay, it is often tempting to advertise your old mobile phone in order to gain some money to put towards a new one. However anyone who has ever experienced online selling, will know that the selling process is not always that easy. There are often problems with buyer reliability, when payments do not come through or transactions are cancelled or payments are not on time.

There is the other drawback of product reliability in the sense that it is often difficult to know what shape the mobile phone is in when you sell or indeed buy it. Most sell their old mobile believing that it is in full working order, however it is impossible to know of future complications which often lead to goods being returned and money and time being lost. Thus it is well worthwhile considering phone recycling for cash or even for a considerable reduction on your new mobile phone contract.

At Mazuma we exchange old mobile phones for cash in a quick and easy process.

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What to Do with Your Old Mobile

First of all, under no circumstances must you throw it out. With mobile phones becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day and much more accessible, there really is no need to hold on to broken mobiles or even “out of date” models that you no longer desire and unfortunately, due to their relatively low economical value, often end up in the bin. However there really is no need for this as there are numerous options for your old or broken mobile and throwing it out should always be your last option.

In the case of broken mobiles, you should consider mobile recycling or some parts of it as there are many phone shops that will happily take in what you no longer need. If it is just the case that you have been offered an upgrade or that your mobile is simple no longer fashionable, why not sell you mobile phone for some extra pocket money or trading it in as part of a new contract, a new and attractive offer? Phone recycling for cash is often the preferred option especially amongst the young as they are very much in contact with the mobile phone industry. Either way, you can rest assured that there are many options available for your old phone before resorting to throwing it in the dustbin.

At Mazuma we have everything you need to help you sell, trade in or recycle your old, broken or simply unwanted mobile phones.

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Apple to Give Out Free Cases

At long last, following the many campaigns, Apple, the manufacturers of the iPhone have finally conceded. Whilst they don’t accept that there is anything wrong with their iPhone4, they actually believe their phone’s antenna issue is the same on other phones, they do accept that there is an easy fix to the problem and have decided to issue out free bumpers or cases to their iPhone 4 customers.

Apple insiders have admitted that the tendency within the upper echelons of Apple, are more concerned with the design of the product, which causes immeasurable problems to the engineering team. That combined with tight deadlines in a very competitive market have meant that corners may have been cut.

The basic problem appears to be because wireless signals don’t go through metal. In an effort to avoid an antenna sticking out of the top of the iPhone, designers chose to create an antenna band that goes around the handset. Unfortunately antenna don’t work as well when you touch them, so this has meant a weakened signal if held incorrectly. Apple believes the free cases will resolve the issue once and for all.

If you are fed up with your iPhone4, or have simply found an alternative that works more efficiently, maybe it’s time to sell your phone. At Mazuma Mobile we recycle mobile phones for cash. With just a short visit to our website you can find out what your phone is worth, and have a cheque in the post in as little as two days.

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Officially the Easiest Thing in the World to Do

There are many things in this world that are very difficult to do. For example, if you wanted to climb Mount Everest, you would need a whole team of support staff, huge amounts of investment and sponsorship, years of fitness training and mountaineering experience, and last but no means least, a very good map.

Alternatively, there are a few things you can do that are remarkably easy, for example mobile phone recycling. This was not always so. There have been many other companies wishing to recycle all manner of items, but have failed because of their overly complicated forms and complex procedures. However, the times have changed and companies have developed and now our bright team of scientists and professionals at Mazuma Mobile have made the process the easiest thing you can do.

Firstly, when you go to our website you will see a great big button that says ‘Sell My Mobile’. There are a selection of the brands available to you, all you have to do is match your phone with the logo and click. Next you see an array of handsets. Once again, click on the one that’s yours. All you do now is punch in your IMEI number and tell us if you want cash or vouchers.

Next thing you know, there is an envelope at your door marked ‘please return post haste’. Pop your unwanted phone and send it off. Finally, just wait for your cheque. It couldn’t be any easier.

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A Greener Approach to Mobile Phones

The world has to make big changes to protect our environment. Obviously we want the advances that new technology provides us, but we need to continue to strive towards a better, more responsible, greener future. Each year, world leaders attend international summits to discuss the challenges ahead, and how we all do something to change the way we live and make this a greener world.

It’s a significant problem, and one that we have to take responsibility for. Last year, just under 100 million mobile phones were bought. Almost all of them were to replace pre-existing mobiles. That’s an awful lot of waste, and now we are starting to see the effects, with mountains of unwanted, unused mobile phones developing around the western world.

This is a tragedy, particularly since most of these phones are perfectly good. They work absolutely fine, and whilst we live in a world of choice and excess, there are many people in other countries who are not so lucky.

At Mazuma Mobile, we have worked hard to find ways to recycle phones. We try to resell all the phones traded with us to markets in developing countries, where the cost of a mobile phone may be prohibitive. Any phones that still remain unwanted dispose of in the greenest way possible.

The task of dealing with the worlds’ environmental waste cannot be dealt with if you sell old mobile phones, but it is at least a start.

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A Solution for Student Debt

The student life can be very hard. Paying for tuition fees, accommodation, food and books, not to forget the odd night out with your friends, can take a lot of money. Borrowing on your student loan may seem like a good idea at the time, but a far better idea is to cut back on your spending, or perhaps find other sources of income.

How many of us have the time though, to sort out all our junk, and price it up, stick it in the back of a car and look for a car-boot sale on a Sunday morning? For one, that may mean missing out on Saturday night, and for another that means putting up with endless people trying to offer you 50p for something worth a lot more.

A far easier way to scrape some extra money is to sell your old mobile phones for cash. At Mazuma Mobile we already know what your phone is worth, and our simple system means you can sell your mobile in no time at all.

First just log on to our website and identify the phone you want to sell. There are hundreds of phones on there, but even if yours isn’t the one featured, just type in the make and model for an offer. Next we give you an envelope for you to send it to us. And provided the phone works, the cheque is in the post. It couldn’t be any easier.

It’s the easiest way to make yourself a little cash to help out with those student expenses.

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