Drop Boxes for Phone Recycling

As most are well aware surplus mobile phones are now becoming too plentiful and concerns have been raised by local, national and European governments as to how to curb the situation. Nowadays everybody has a spare mobile phone due to a recent upgrade or a broken battery, but in the eyes of many this is certainly not a good enough reason to leave them lying around and not depose of them correctly. In every effort to become a more eco friendly nation, the government has set about launching various recycling campaigns to make consumers aware of just how much damage they are doing without realising it to the environment.

Many are not aware of just how many parts of the mobile phone are actually recyclable. Whereas many believe that only the battery or perhaps the keypad are able to be recycled, in fact a staggering 96% of the phone can easily be put to good use. One particularly original way of encouraging citizens to be greener has been thought through by some food chains, in particular a pizza shop who offers free slices of pizza when the customer leaves their unwanted mobile phone in the “drop box”.

Others opt to exchange their old mobiles for cash, which is of obvious economical benefit to the customer; however should they opt for mobile phone recycling, they are also doing their bit for the environment.

At Mazuma Mobile, you can recycle your mobile phones for cash.

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Reluctant Recyclers

When considering what happens to a mobile phone when it reaches the end of its life, we think of one of three places, either in a landfill, some sort of rubbish bin or simply in someone’s bottom drawer. The amount of discarded mobiles in Britain easily reaches the millions, of which less than 10% are actually recycled. Of course if this is to be added to the tonnes of waste created on a daily basis, it becomes particularly alarming for the British government when trying to defend their country when it comes to environmental matters.

However despite many attempts to get recycling initiatives off the ground, it would still seem that consumers have not yet come around to the idea of mobile phone recycling.

Despite their numerous efforts, it would seem however that the population on the whole is still quite reluctant to recycle phones even if it is at no cost to them. What seems to have had more of an effect is the handing in of old mobiles for cash, as there is some sort of economical value in it for them. It should be remembered that we all have an impact on the environment and should therefore all recycle especially when it is as easy as handing over your old, unused mobile phone. It has never been easier to take part.

At Mazuma Mobile, we can advise you on the best way to recycle your mobile phone; you can even sell your phone, as we take old mobiles for cash.

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Be Green with Your Mobile

Pressure from local and national authorities is always rising to encourage the average citizen to take an active part in recycling in general. There is almost no neighbourhood now that does not have access to the standard recycling bins in the hope that the population will use them effectively. Whilst these projects have been carried out successfully and citizens seem to be more aware of mass recycling capacity, there are still some areas that haven’t been completely covered, one of them being the ever growing mobile phone industry.

Whilst not so long ago only the young had access to this type of technology, nowadays it is an industry which is easily accessible to any aged citizen, extending from as young as 6 or 7 year-olds, through to the elderly, thus there is a real need to promote the recycling of old or indeed out of date mobiles. Many sell them for extra cash or hand them down to younger siblings or children as they are not aware of any other options, however another more than viable option is to hand them in to a phone shop exchanging old mobiles for cash. Phone recycling for cash or a reduction on a new contract is an easy and beneficial way to dispose of your mobile phone and at the same time you contribute to the protection of the environment as a member of society.

At Mazuma Mobile we can help you in your mobile phone recycling by enabling you to taking your old mobiles for cash.

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We need you to help us recycle mobile phones

You might think that to recycle mobile phones is not necessary but you will be shocked to know what damage it can do to the environment if it is not disposed of in the correct manner. Mobile phones contain certain electrical components that can be extremely harmful to the environment when it is just thrown out with the normal trash. Mazuma Mobile will take care of this for you.

We not only recycle mobile phones, but we also pay you for it. Yes! Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is not. There are certain terms and conditions that you will have to adhere to if you want to qualify for this but it is not difficult. Basically if you want us to pay you while we recycle mobile phones you have to sell us either a working old mobile phone or if it is not working, it should be in a decent condition.

To allow us to recycle mobile phones that we have bought from you have to register on our website. We will then send you a free mail envelope which you can use to mail your old mobile phone to us. We will then check its condition and the send you a cheque for the agreed amount.

You can be either an individual or a company or corporate group. There are no limitations to how many mobile phones you can send us. To recycle mobile phones we need only one ingredient. Old mobile phones! Without it we can not do anything and that is why we need you.

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How to sell mobile phones for cash

If you want to see how to sell mobile phones for cash then look no further than our website. Mazuma Mobile is a company that will buy your old mobile phones from you for cash. They can be in either working or non working condition as long as there is no serious damage. Obviously the amount that we will pay will depend on whether it is working or not.

When you sell mobile phones for cash to us then we will pay more for a working mobile phone than we will pay you for one that is not in working condition. We will not be interested in buying your mobile phone if it is not working because it is broken into pieces or if the screen is damaged or bleeding. When we say working condition we mean that it must be able to charge, the battery must be included, the screen must be in working condition, it must be able to make calls and the mobile phone must be able to switch on and off.

To enable yourself to sell mobile phones for cash to us all you need to do is to register on our website. Once you are registered we will tell you how much we are willing to pay you for your specific make and model mobile phone which is in a working condition. All you have to do is enter your mobile phone make and model and we will give you an on screen display of how much we are willing to pay. By using the drop down menu you can also see how much we will pay if it is not working.

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We will buy your old mobiles for cash

Selling your old mobiles for cash might not be as difficult as you might think it is. Here at Mazuma Mobile we offer a mobile phone recycling service and not only will we take the unnecessary clutter off your hands, but we will also give you money for it. That is why we have the title to this article that says that we will buy your old mobiles for cash.

If you have an old phone that you are not using any more which is in decent condition then please check on our website to see how much you will be able to get for it. We buy both working and non working mobile phones as long as they are in decent condition and not broken into pieces or have broken or bleeding display screens. To be able to qualify for old our mobiles for cash service all you need to do is register on our website and we will then start the process.

Our old mobiles for cash service works as follows. Once you have registered on our website and know how much we are willing to pay you for your old mobile phone we will send you a free mail envelope. You then send us your old mobile phone or phones, with no postage fees, and once we have received it and checked the conditions we will send you a cheque for the agreed amount.

This is not only a great way to make some money out of something which you are not using anymore, but also a way to do something for the environment. Our old mobiles for cash service are a great way to recycle your old mobile phones without throwing it out with the normal trash.

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Do you want to make some cash for phones that you are not using?

If you are in the fortunate position of having some old mobile phones lying around your home or know people who do, then please do not throw them away in the garbage. If they are in working condition, we will buy them from you. Mazuma Mobile is a mobile recycling company and we want to prevent these old phones from ending up in the garbage and harming the environment.

We have a cash for phones service from which you can benefit. By sending us your old phones you can make some money back. To see what amount of cash for phones you can make just log onto our website and enter the make and model of mobile phone that you want to sell. We will then immediately display the amount that we are willing to pay for it. We will obviously pay more for a mobile phone that is in good working condition, than we would pay for one that is not working.

If you have for example a Nokia 6500 Classic that you want to sell on our cash for phones service then we will pay you £29.00 if it is in good working condition. This means that it must be able to switch on and off, the screen must be working and the battery must be chargeable. If it is not working we will pay you £14.00. When we say not working we mean that there is some problems but it must not be broken to pieces or have a damaged or bleeding screen.

Please check our terms and conditions if you are not sure about what we see as working and not working conditions.

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How you can do mobile recycling

Most new electronic devices like mobile phones and computers have some components that can not be recycled in the traditional way. Things like screens and LCD components will cause harm to the environment if they are just thrown away with the normal garbage.

At Mazuma Mobile we are trying to play a small part in preventing these components from being thrown away and causing unnecessary damage. What we do is called mobile recycling. Our kind of mobile recycling is not necessary what you might picture it to be.

What we do is we buy old mobile phones from people that are no longer using them and the we sell them at reduced prices in a second hand or used markets to people who do not have the means to buy brand new mobile phones or take out a mobile contract. This type of mobile recycling then ensures that these harmful components do not end up in place where they can cause harm to the environment and also empowers people to have access to something which might not have been possible before.

AS you probably know, recycling is all the rage these days as governments all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to motivate people to help slow down the effects of global warming. By doing mobile recycling you will play your part in it too, and even end up with some cash that you did not have before.

Why don’t you give it a try? On our website you can simply enter the model phone that you have and we will immediately tell you how much you we will pay you for it.

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