Nasties in the cupboard

Mobile phones – love them or hate them, in this day and age there’s no getting away from them. These miracles of modern technology are here to stay. And stay. Handsets reside in our cupboards and gather dust on our shelves long after we have lost interest them and moved on to newer, smaller, more fancy models. Eventually, though, we may notice those we have forgotten and decide it’s time to throw them away.

Yet before you do that, stop and think about what you’re putting in the bin. In addition to precious metals, copper and plastic that could be salvaged and re-used, a mobile phone is full of hazardous substances. While these won’t do you any harm during the lifetime of the mobile, they aren’t good for the environment if they end up on landfill.

Often old mobile phones can be re-used in developing countries by people who can’t afford the latest models. If this is not possible, you can recycle and get cash for old mobiles into the bargain. This gives you the opportunity to support the responsible disposal of the harmful products that make your mobile phone the wonder that it is. These include unpleasant substances such as zinc, lithium, arsenic, nickel and mercury.

It’s very easy to recycle mobile phones these days. Here at Mazuma Mobile, we look at the nasties in your cupboard and say, ‘Yes please’. Not only that, we’ll give you cash to take them off your hands. What could be better than that?

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How many phones do you need?

In 2008, Ofcom observed that the total number of mobile phone connections in the UK actually totalled more than the country’s population of 6.14 million. This means more phones being used than there are people possibly able to use them, even counting every babe-in-arms.

This suggests a great many people must have more than one mobile: for business and home maybe, or for secret liaisons? Perhaps a pay-as-you-go that lies forgotten in a drawer after submitting to the lure of a shiny new contract phone. Taking into consideration the fact that most mobiles are regularly usurped by newer models, we start to get a picture of the staggering number of handsets in the UK.

Where exactly all these phones end up is not so clear. In these days of environmental responsibility and in the wake of dwindling resources however, there is a growing awareness of the necessity of using a mobile phone recycling service wherever possible. At the same time, it is now incredibly easy to do so.

The best news, of course, is that you can actually get cash for old mobiles while remaining secure in the knowledge that your handsets are being put to good use. At Mazuma Mobile, not only do we provide you with everything you need to send your phone to us absolutely free, we will also send the agreed amount of cash for phones within just 7 days.

So if you have more mobiles than you can handle, recycle them. It’s easy.

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Clear out your clutter and save the environment

If you have ever been down to the local tip and observed what people actually throw away, you will find it is astounding to observe the amount of quality, serviceable goods that end up on burgeoning landfill sites because people just don’t think about passing them on. Many people are surprised to find how much they own that other people will value.

Many charities out there are ready to take goods to sell, and a great deal more people are waiting to snap up a bargain! Charity shops will usually accept anything of useable quality, although they rarely accept electronic goods.

Internet-based Freecycle’s mission is to stop goods going to landfill. People can offer stuff for free but the recipient always collects. It is possible to offer almost anything, and someone out there will probably want it.

You could probably make yourself some extra money too. Try holding a car boot sale. It costs a few pounds to sell your goods, but you can usually make a profit.Alternatively , if you want to stay at home, have a look on eBay to see what sells. After a little setting-up time anyone can put goods up for auction and then just wait to see how much they can make.

To date, only around 10% of old mobile phones are recycled, but selling your mobile for cash is another great option, and very straightforward. At Mazuma Mobile, we send you what you need and give you cash for old phones within 7 days.

Next time you de-clutter, try some of these simple ways to clear out responsibly.

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Mobile phone recycling facts and figures

The bad news:

Every year, up to 250 Million mobile phones are replaced worldwide by new models.

A recent survey by Nokia covering 13 countries suggests that, although only 4% of users’ old mobiles are actually thrown away and wasted on landfill, still less are actually recycled. The vast unsung majority are left at home and forgotten about – 44% of old phones are just laying around people’s homes.

UK consumer group Consumer Focus estimates there are 85 million unused mobiles in the UK, and 11% of their survey’s respondents admitted hoarding five handsets at once.

The good news:

Eight million mobiles were recycled in the UK in 2009 and this figure is growing

Mobile phone recycling can help in many ways. Australian mobile phone recycling campaign ‘Old Phones, More Trees’ has in two years resulted in 175,000 trees being planted from the proceeds of recycling over 56 tonnes of mobile phones and accessories.

One tonne of old mobile phones can yield 150 grams of gold. That’s 30 times more than a tonne of ore from a gold mine, preserving the planet’s precious resources.

Consumers also benefit. People who sell phones to mobile recycling services will receive an average of £65. Some handsets could be worth over £200.

To date, Mazuma Mobile has paid out over £60million for old mobiles and it doesn’t stop there.

Recycling old phones is so easy. So dig out your old mobiles and start changing the figures. You know it makes sense.

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Easy as pie

Getting cash for phones has never been as easy as it is today. As the owner of an unwanted handset, you have it in your power to make up to £200 in a matter of minutes.

Here at Mazuma Mobile, we’ve paid more than £60million pounds to mobile phone owners to date and are waiting to hand out even more. The value of your phone is updated regularly so all you need to do is enter your phone’s model or IMEI number to find out how much it is worth. Accept the offer of payment and you’ll shortly receive a prepaid envelope through the post, into which you place your mobile. Then post it and await payment. It really is that simple.

The phone-specific Data Delete Tool addresses concerns about the safety of your personal information, or friends’ contact details. Just follow the simple on-screen steps to ensure your phone is free from anything which could identify you.

There are many options for receiving your cash, too, including a same-day bank transfer. This means that as soon as your phone is accepted, you can be paid straight into your bank account. What could be easier than that?

A word of warning: while you can increase the value of your sale by being quick off the mark, you lose money by procrastinating. Phones depreciate rapidly and the price you’re offered is always in line with market values.

Otherwise, choosing to sell your mobile is a truly simple way to raise some cash.

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Generosity is its own reward

With rising costs and income more often than not increasing to match, it’s important to stretch our money as far as possible. Yet good causes are also suffering and require more help to achieve their goals. It may seem impossible to help them all, but here are 5 easy ways to give and support others without digging into your own pockets:

  1. Gift Aid. UK taxpayers who already support a charity can make their donation go further at the expense of Her Majesty. Gift aid will add an extra 20% to your donation straight from your income tax.
  2. Sell old mobiles for cash. Selfish? Not when you use Mazuma Mobile, as we send working phones to developing nations who would otherwise not be able to afford such good handsets. Mobile recycling is good for the planet, too, so everyone wins.
  3. Donate someone else’s money. Online shoppers can visit which has links to many popular shopping sites. If you purchase using one of their links, they’ll donate 15% directly to a cause of your choice, costing you nothing!
  4. Donating to charity shops. Make space for your new purchases by donating what you no longer use. Some charities even put bags through your door to fill, and collect a few days later – easy.
  5. Give your time. You can make someone’s day by simply offering a smile or a ‘hello’, and you’ll feel great about it too.

These are all win-win situations. Everybody benefits and it costs you nothing. Try them.

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A recipe for disaster

Take copper, steel, aluminium, plastic and precious metals; add lead, a sprinkling of deadly cadmium, a dash of poisonous barium, rhodium and beryllium, and mix. Leave to stand for a couple of years, and throw away. Take one atmosphere, and add greenhouse gases for extra heat. Allow poisonous substances to leak into the ground and infect the water system. Drink.

Sounds crazy? Actually, this is what happens every day as people fail to recycle mobile phones, letting them find their way to landfill instead. Sadly, irresponsible disposal of the raw ingredients of a mobile phone is indeed a recipe for disaster. Phones contain both poisonous substances which are highly dangerous if allowed to leak into the environment, and limited precious metals such as gold.

It is estimated that only 1 in 10 mobiles are recycled at the moment but this number is increasing which is great news for the planet. Mobile phone recycling not only reclaims reusable products and allows hazardous substances to be dealt with responsibly, it also reduces greenhouse emissions.

In addition, at Mazuma Mobile we believe that reuse is the best possible form of phone recycling, allowing us to prolong the useful life of a phone’s ingredients. As a result, a vast majority of phones sent for recycling are reconditioned and distributed for use abroad. Those who take steps to recycle will also benefit from generous cash payments for their old phones. As a result, mobile phone recycling is a winning recipe for all concerned.

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Remember the days..?

Those who remember a time before the truly portable handset can’t quite believe they actually managed to arrange and execute meetings without mobile phones: no status reports leading up to the allotted appointment, for example, or a bus journey without a phone for entertainment and company.

Mobiles today have become so integrated into our lives that it’s virtually unthinkable to go without one. These days, the number of uses for phones continues to increase with advances in technology, we organize our lives, surf the internet, listen to music and so much more. For some, new technology is the main draw, and the use of a phone for actual calls a mere afterthought. For others, a mobile’s most basic functions are all that is required.

As your needs change over time, it’s good to know there’s a phone out there to suit every taste and requirement, and a huge variety of deals to accommodate all types of user. Contract users will usually upgrade their handset every 12-24 months and those on pay-as-you-go deals are free to follow their desire for a new phone whenever they wish. Even better, as it’s now so easy to recycle old mobiles, you can upgrade with a clear conscience every time.

Mobile phone recycling helps people in developing countries have a far greater choice of top quality handsets too, because when you sell old mobiles for cash, we at Mazuma endeavour to recondition as many of your old handsets as possible and prolong their useful life abroad.

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