More people need to recycle mobile phones

These days a consumer can easily sell mobile phones for cash to a reputable online company with no hassle over postage and packing fees.

Phone recycling for cash also sees customers receive their financial reward quickly without long waiting periods. When you sell a mobile phone for recycling purposes you can expect to be paid promptly by cheque which you will receive in the post.

Online mobile recycling companies are expanding because of the increasing size of the mobile phone market and the potential for business offered by the resulting higher numbers of used mobile handsets. Mobile phone users are also now more aware of the environmental hazards of discarding old handsets and look to other ways of disposing of them.

Whilst the number of people who choose to sell a mobile for cash to a company that recycles handsets is increasing, there are still not enough individuals actively contributing to this vital service.

Evidence suggests that mobile phone handsets that are not disposed of in the proper manner can contribute directly to levels of environmental pollution. However, it is advisable to recycle an old mobile for cash rather than throw it away.

We are experts at Mazuma Mobile and our mobile recycling process is swift to all those who sell a mobile to us we are known for the ease, pre-paid postage, competitive cash deals and speed of our service when it comes to rewarding our customers with exceptional mobile recycling services.

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Recycle mobile phones for individual gain and wider environmental benefits

More people than ever are now aware of the benefits that recycling their mobile phone will bring to them as an individual, to someone with no access to a handset and to the environment.

However, there are still many mobile phone users in possession of old, unused handsets that still do not understand the full benefits and financial rewards that can be gained should they choose to sell them.

One of the main reasons that such people are unaware is often due to them not appreciating the real dangers that old mobiles pose to the environment if they are not disposed of in the correct manner.

It is estimated that within the UK alone a typical mobile phone consumer changes their mobile handset to an upgraded model at least every 18 months. This has a direct influence on the number of old mobiles that are thrown away or are unused.

The majority of mobile phones are manufactured through the use of very harmful toxic materials which can pollute water and seep into the surrounding soil, poisoning the local flora and fauna.

We at Mazuma Mobile are experts in mobile recycling services, with competitive cash sums offered along with completely free pre-paid postal services should you choose to sell your mobile to us. Our payment process is swift and all consumers who sell a mobile to us will receive a cheque in the post shortly after we have received their old handset in the post.

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Sell your mobile for recycling and help protect the environment

Mobile phone recycling is essential for every individual to take responsibility for, especially when considering that each old mobile phone is capable of polluting 132,000 litres of water.

Collectively, discarded old mobile phones throughout the world are responsible for 65,000 tons in toxic waste per annum.

Recycling mobiles will also protect the environment against the harmful quantities of mercury, lead, brominated flame retardants, cadmium, beryllium and arsenic. Both beryllium and arsenic are especially dangerous if not disposed of correctly.

The true scale of pollution is alarming, and is a major global issue. By using the services of a trustworthy and reputable mobile phone recycling company, it is possible to make a vital contribution toward protecting the environment.

In addition to doing your part to help recycle old handsets and reducing waste and pollution, you will also be rewarded with cash if you decide to sell your phone instead of just throwing it away.

Organisations that specialise in recycling mobile phones for cash will also be contributing to charities that support people in third world countries who do not have access to mobile phones, and many donations are passed to them.

We at Mazuma Mobile offer a financially rewarding and easy to use service to encourage people to recycle mobile phones for cash. Our service not only offers competitive financial rewards, but also ensures that each person who uses our services is making their own very valuable and individual contribution towards saving our planet.

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Cash incentives to recycle your mobile phone

If you have one or more old mobile phones, choosing to recycle them for cash is one of the best ways to benefit individually whilst making a larger contribution toward protecting the environment.

There are some old mobile phones batteries that contain cadmium, which has been identified as a major polluter to water. This is only a small part of a much larger and alarming picture as old mobile phones are not bio-degradable and if discarded prove to be a real hazard to the environment.

Some of the major brands involved with mobile phone recycling often advertise on television, and when you visit their website it is easy to find the make and model of your phone and get an idea of the price you can command when recycling your old handset.

Registering with mobile phone recycling companies takes a couple of minutes, and is easy to do online. The company will send free postage paid envelopes for you to package your old mobile safely and send off.

However, not every company who provides phone recycling for cash will send out a pre-paid postal package and some do just ask you to post into an address on their website which means you have to cover the postage costs yourself.

As a trusted company providing the service of recycling mobiles for cash, we at Mazuma Mobile have a straightforward system with free postage and high financial rewards for consumers who decide to recycle mobile phones for cash with us.

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Always choose to sell your mobile for recycling when you upgrade

It is important to be aware that not every mobile recycling company offers their customers with the same financial benefits for old mobiles. You should consider free postage option as part of the service when you sell your phone.

When choosing a company to recycle mobile phones for cash, it is always advisable to choose a name that you know and that has a good reputation.

Deciding to recycle your old mobile is an easy decision to make, given the impact on environmental issues of not doing so and the financial rewarded on offer for doing so.

Recycling mobile phones is an option that has been around for many years, yet it is not until recently that a larger number of consumers have begun to realise why it is important and rewarding to sell a mobile phone for recycling purposes.

When you choose to sell your phone with a reputable recycling company, the whole process of registering with them, assessing how much your old phone is worth and popping it in the post has been made so simple and transparent that it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

We at Mazuma Mobile are a major mobile recycling company in the UK offering competitive prices for mobiles, with a simple registration system and freepost envelopes for consumers who opt to recycle mobile phones for cash with us.

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Financial and environmental benefits of mobile phone recycling

There is now a wider knowledge of the benefits that the recycling of mobile phones can bring in terms of financial reward and the impact they have on the environment.

The disposal of unused handsets through a mobile phone recycling service is the best way for anyone to dispose of their old mobile phones.

More individuals in the UK are aware of the dangers that old mobile phones can have on the environment when disposed of in landfill sites, and the dangerous materials that can seep into the soil.

Leaving abandoned handsets in drawers at home is an option which is quickly becoming less attractive as mobile phone recycling can be financially beneficial consumer whilst incurring no cost to them.

The typical UK mobile phone user is also becoming more aware of the benefits that their old mobile phone handsets afford people in third world countries. They can provide an essential form of communication to those less fortunate than us.

Choosing to recycle mobile phones can benefit everybody involved in the process, from owners of an old handset who can receive cash their phone to people in third world countries who can enjoy a modern form of communication. It also has a wider, positive impact on the state of the environment

We are experts in mobile phone recycling at Mazuma Mobile. We have an easy, free and fast mobile recycling service, offering competitive deals to all our customers choosing to use us to recycle old mobile phones for cash.

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Recycle and protect your data

An understandable concern amongst those wishing to sell old mobile phones is the security of their data. Mobile phones hold a great deal of private and personal information, personal messages, contacts and, increasingly, even your internet surfing behaviour and passwords. Removing or reformatting the SIM is unlikely to be sufficient reassurance to consumers that the phone no longer holds any information connected to them.

Mobile phone recycling is a worthy undertaking. Phones that are no longer useable are taken apart, their component parts recycled and the toxic substances contained in the batteries, for example, safely disposed of. Better still, increasing numbers of phones are being exchanged for cash soon enough to be reconditioned for further use abroad, extending the useful life of the precious resources used in production. In a time where identity fraud is a genuine concern, however, it is recognised that personal data must be safely and securely removed from the phone before it is passed on.

Here at Mazuma Mobile we take your concerns seriously; as a result we provide our Data Delete Tool for you to use before sending us your phone. Instructions for each make and model of mobile are outlined separately in clear, simple steps and sent to you by email. Simply enter your handset details and email address and you’ll have the information within minutes. Following these instructions allows you to be environmentally responsible with your phone, having disposed of your data with complete confidence – and of course you’ll be paid for the privilege.

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Contract cashback

How much is my old mobile worth? You may well ask yourself this question as you upgrade to the latest model as part of your new contract deal. Whatever you think of your old handset, its value is only what others will pay for it. You could try your luck with an E-bay auction, for example, or come to us at Mazuma Mobile and sell old mobile phones for guaranteed amounts.

One thing to bear in mind, however is that mobile phone values continue to depreciate month by month. Consider this: if your phone was free in the context of a fixed-term contract, your monthly payments have subsidised the cost of your phone over that time. However, at the end of two years, can you still sell your mobile for a decent amount of cash? Quite possibly, but you have to be quick as the value will probably keep going down.

Those of you who are not particularly concerned about having the latest and greatest gadget could cash in on this process. Continue to use your existing mobile for the duration of your new contract, and sell the new one. You’ll pay the same and still get the useage you require, whilst effectively getting cashback into the bargain… much more than you would two years down the line.

Obviously this idea won’t suit everyone, but to some people a phone is just a phone. In which case, if it works, stick with it and cash in on the more valuable model.

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