How to find the best contract deals

Though you and your mobile phone handset may be the best of friends for a year or two, there will eventually come a time where your once beloved handset may become shabby and damaged. If this time comes, there are many phone recycling schemes online which means you can get cash for your old mobile, making the goodbye slightly less painful.

However, the loss of a mobile phone means the effort of finding a new one, which can seem pretty tricky sometimes.

The best thing to do when considering purchasing a new contract mobile, is to make a budget on how much you wish to spend each month. At Mazuma Mobile, we don’t think being phone less sounds like much fun, so be sure you have worked out a reasonable and efficient bill to suit your lifestyle.

It is important when thinking about this to also consider what you need your contract to deliver. There are thousands of deals out there that consist of texts, phone calls and mobile internet, so work out which of the factors is most important to you.

Then it’s time to hit the comparison websites. Your best bet is to purchase a contract online, as you will often find that freebies get thrown in with such deals, including online discount. Don’t go for the first contract that you see; make sure you look around every phone manufacturer because you are guaranteed to find the same deal cheaper elsewhere.

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Not just a mobile phone?

Mobile phones have become second nature in the 21st century. With phone retail outlets popping up constantly all over the UK, it’s safe to say we’re going through a phone phenomenon.

At Mazuma Mobile, we reckon mobile phones are the greatest thing since sliced bread. With all this handheld technology at our fingertips even room for a growing phone recycling trend in our society where you can get cash for old mobiles, we’re in the grip of a piece of technological magic.

However, have a little think about what your phone means to you; to some a phone isn’t just about the wonderful things it can do. Texting, internet and incoming calls are all very exciting, but to many of us, phones have become a fashion.

When new flashier models come out, they instantly become a must-have. Being the owner of the latest savvy phone holds connotations of wealth and status and everyone loves having people ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over their new purchase.

For the ladies amongst us, the mobile phone market has even opened an avenue that is home to mobile phone fashion accessories. Even Swarovski have begun making crystal embellished mobile phone cases and designers such as Armani and Prada have even launched their very own phone models. If that’s not handheld fashion, then what is?

It’s a fact; mobile phones are making their mark on many aspects of British culture, now becoming an item of fashion. Who knows, maybe one day we will all have a different model to go with different outfits?

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The future’s bright

At Mazuma Mobile, we realise more than most just how fast the industry is evolving. Mobile phones have completely changed the face of technology in just 25 years. But where will mobile phones be at in 10 years time? Here’s our hazard at a few guesses.

Many science noggins are already discussing a new technology in regard to combining credit/debit cards with our mobile phones. This could mean that in a few years time, we could pay for things in shops with a special chip and pin device built into the handset. If that’s not fantastic technology, then what is?

Internet browsing should also become completely reliable. Some mobile phone handsets initiate some problems with connections and internet formats. However, within 10 years, mobile internet technology should be just as advanced as using it on a computer.

Navigational devices should also become a lot more advanced. Some phones already adopt a system which can allow you to be located simply through your mobile phone signal; however boffins also reckon that within the decade, we should be able to make a 999 call without even needing to speak to an operator. We could be zoned into the NHS at all times.

If mobile phone technology continues to evolve at fast pace, it is likely that phone recycling companies will also need to up their game. Who knows, maybe a system where you can swap old mobiles for cash may pop up in a local high street outlet?

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The staggering difference a phone makes

Computers, phones, televisions; each amazing technology is evolving at a speed much greater than you would find on any UK motorway. At Mazuma Mobile, we believe it’s important to ensure we don’t take such things for granted, when many places in the world are far from the stage that us Brits are at.

If you think of your local high street or shopping complex, it’s inevitable that many mobile phone branches, computer stores, and weird and wonderful technology outlets will stand. Can you even remember a time when they were not there?

Take a second and try and imagine your life, as it is, but without the aid of your mobile phone. What if it had never been invented or you were to sell your phone? With handheld technology at its greatest and phone recycling schemes no longer an absurd thought, mobile phones in particular have become almost a necessary component for 21st century living.

There are little things that we cannot do on mobile phones. Not only can we communicate with anyone in the world at anytime, but we can now use mobile internet, organise our lives on them, play games, send emails; even save word documents and get directions and the press of a button.

Mobile phones really have become a phenomenon. Manufacturers of the first models never even realised they would become this huge. So make sure you don’t take your little model for granted. That’s an exceptional piece of technology in your hands and a little piece of British culture.

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Finding value in the small things

Money, money, money! There is always opportunity to dream of course, but there are also simple ways to get a bit of extra money in your back pocket. This often comes from small things around your home that you may not even realise hold any worth.

Your old winter wardrobe: You may hate all your old clothes and think that no-one else would ever possibly want to buy them, but you’d be wrong. If you have old clothes piling up in bags in the bottom of your wardrobe, why not put an ad on EBay for a bundle of clothes. Someone, somewhere, is guaranteed to bid. Even if it’s £10, it’s £10 you wouldn’t expect to get for all those things you loathe.

That ‘junk’ in the loft: We all know the saying; one man’s junk is another one’s treasure. Get down to the local car booty and shift your old books, records and bears for a small profit.

Yourself: If you’ve got an extra talent that you could indulge in part-time, it’s worth looking into. Whether it’s writing, modelling, care work, it’s extra money. At Mazuma Mobile, we think everyone needs to embrace their talents.

Your old, broken mobile phone: Find an online phone recycling company to take it off your hands. You can get cash for your old mobile, even if it’s shabby and damaged.

Furniture that you just don’t use anymore: Auction house, EBay, Local paper – your options are endless; someone will want it!

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How to be eco-friendly

With talks of global warming and environmental concern blitzing every news broadcast across the world this century, we at Mazuma Mobile realise that many people are simply sick of hearing about it.

However, it really isn’t that difficult to do your bit to help. There are some very simple, easy things that you can do to add a little bit of the eco warrior mantra to your life, which can also relieve financial stress at the same time!

  • Using energy saving light bulbs is a great, easy way to start. They may take a little bit of time to get used too, but they last a hell of a lot longer than the usual light bulbs, saving lots of energy. Alongside this, your electricity bill should decrease.
  • Recycle. If your council has invested in a local recycling scheme, you have nothing to lose in taking part! Recycling doesn’t just refer to this though, even small tasks such as taking old clothes down to the charity shop or feeding meal leftovers to the little birdies in the garden helps to prevent unnecessary waste.
  • Dispose of old small items such as mobile phones correctly. You should use a proper mobile phone recycling scheme, many of which adopt an old mobiles for cash policy. Through doing this you even get a little something in your back pocket just for doing your bit.
  • If you have access to the internet, pay your bills online. This allows huge cuts in paper use, less paper being used means more trees left standing!
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The evolution of the mobile

The mobile phone is an invention that first hit the UK market in 1985. However, the handset that enthralled many people back then is a far cry from the amazing handheld technology that we see today.

Unbelievably, the first mobile phones were the size of a briefcase and some cost over £2000. Back then, mobile phones were seen as symbolic of wealth, fashion and status, rather than a necessity like many people perceive them as today.

The call made using a ‘portable’ telephone was back in 1973.  The call was done in New York and yet it too a further ten years before Vodafone launched the first mobile telephone service commercially. On January 1st 1985, Vodafone broadcasted its first ever mobile call. Shortly after this, worthy competitor O2 launched a similar service.

Today, the UK is home to a wide array of mobile phone manufacturers, with high street outlets scattered generously across every shopping complex and high street.  Phone recycling companies have also recently become mainstream, with people offered the chance to swap old mobiles for cash. The evolution of the mobile phone has been drastic, with vast changes in digital technology happening over just 25 years.

At Mazuma Mobile, we believe the advances in such a small handheld device have been staggering! The mobile phone is no longer just a tool that can make a call; mobile phones these days have the power to connect with anyone in the world and do practically anything. How long do we think it will be before the mobile phone can do the housework?!

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Mobile phones, by numbers!

At Mazuma Mobile, we deal with thousands of discarded and unloved handsets on a daily basis. Some people send in old, shabby, half broken phones while others send in newer, flashier models that are still not quite up to date with the very latest in handheld technology. Just from the huge variations in the models left to phone recycling, it is evident just how vast the industry is. So here’s for some interesting facts, by numbers of course:

  • 1985 was the year that the first proper mobile phone went on sale – a far cry from the snazzy models we see today.
  • 60 is the average percentage of radiation that our heads absorb through mobile phone usage.
  • 1947 is the year that ‘hexagonal cells’ were invented, the scientific phenomenon that has allowed the creation of mobile phone technology.
  • £13 billion is the estimated worth of the mobile phone industry.
  • 18 is the number of months us Brits hold onto the same phone model for.
  • £35 million was the figure that Mazuma Mobile have been estimated to pay during the phones for cash scheme in a recent study.
  • 1994 was the year that the first text messages were sent.
  • 3210 was the Nokia phone model that first allowed changeable covers.
  • 4.5 billion is the estimated number of handsets in use across the world.

Many people often under estimate the extent of the mobile industry; however it has been one of the biggest inventions of recent years and is a technology that will only keep on evolving.

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