Recycling your mobile benefits people and the environment

Every year, thousands upon thousands of mobile phones are dumped. They then release harmful toxins into the environment. This has led the government to come up with legislation to increase the numbers of mobile phones which are recycled. Many new businesses and initiatives have sprung up with the sole purpose of recycling as many mobile phones as possible.

If you decide to recycle your mobile phone using a company such as ours here at Mazuma Mobile, you will in effect sell your mobile phone to them for cash. Cash incentives for phone recycling vary depending on several factors, including, the condition, make and model of your phone.  Recycling your mobile phone is a positive step to take. It is a much safer way to dispose of an old phone than to simply throw it away.

Most of us, in this day are very concerned about the environment and global warming. Selling your mobile to be recycled is a simple process and one of the easiest ways you can help the environment.  By recycling your phone, you are reducing the number of mobile phones in landfill, reducing your carbon footprint and reducing water contamination and you even make some cash for yourself.

Environmental benefits aside, when you recycle mobile phones you may also be helping someone who is less fortunate than you. Many old mobile phones can be refurbished and distributed to people who would otherwise not have the means to own a phone.

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How to dispose of a broken mobile phone

Most people in the UK have at least one mobile phone. They contain amazing technology in a small package and many of us would be lost without them. They are also very fragile.

All it takes is a moment of clumsiness and your shiny new phone is no more. Every year, thousands of mobile phones are left battered and broken  and are of no valuable use to their owners. If you have a broken mobile phone, there are a few ways you can dispose of it.

If your mobile phone breaks, you may be tempted to throw it out with your household waste. Although this solves the problem quickly, it is not the best idea. Mobile phones will not degrade and will stay in the ground for thousands of years.

So, throwing your mobile phone out with the rest of the rubbish is a no go. You may then try to sell your broken mobile for spare parts. Although it is sometimes possible to sell your mobile phone for spare parts,it is often not worth doing so. You will need to advertise in some way to find a buyer for your phone and if you succeed in that, they will probably only pay you a few pounds for it.

So, we come to the option of mobile recycling. Recycling your broken mobile phone is a great all round option. It is kind to the environment and, if you use a company like ours at Mazuma Mobile, you could even get paid to do so. Your phone doesn’t end up in landfill and an under priveliged person could benefit from your recycled phone.

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Benefits of recycling your mobile phone

At Mazuma Mobile, we offer you cash for your old mobile phones which we then recycle. There are many benefits to recycling your mobile phone rather than selling them on sites such as Ebay or sending them to landfill.

When you are done with your old mobile phone, recycling for cash is the most environmentally friendly option available to you. Mobile phones contain many harmful chemicals including lead and Beryllium. When you send your phone to landfill, these chemicals are released into the atmosphere and, more often than not, leak into the ground.

This can lead to the death of nearby wildlife and can even poison human drinking water in some circumstances. If you sell your mobile to be recycled, you will be taking positive action to stop this from happening.

If you recycle your mobile phone and it is in good condition, you could earn some cash. You can earn up to £150 for old mobile phones. So if you need some extra cash and have and old mobile lying around, do some good and recycle it.

Selling your mobile phone to be recycled is much simpler than selling it commercially, especially if it is an old mobile phone. Listing phones on Ebay can be time consuming and you will need to pay fees. You will also have to pay a percentage of the selling price in fees. Selling with Mazuma Mobile takes little time and you keep all of the profits for yourself.

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Help the environment by recycling your mobile phone

In this modern age, most of us rely on our mobile phones for both work and leisure. The mobile phone is a great invention which allows us to easily stay in touch with friends, family and business associates. Mobile phone manufacturers are innovative and are always coming up with new technology to improve the standard of their mobiles. Although this is a good thing for consumers and the industry as a whole, there is also a negative impact from such innovations.

When new technology is made available to the public, many old mobile phones are simply discarded in favour of the new technology. Many of these abandoned mobile phones find themselves being thrown out and buried as landfill. This has a negative impact on the environment and can be very dangerous to wildlife, not to mention the negative impact on the environment due to the release of toxic gases over time.

A better solution for disposing of your old mobile phone is to recycle it. The simplest way to recycle mobile phones is to use a company such as Mazuma Mobile which will recycle your phone for you and will even pay you.

If you want to sell phones for cash, it is likely that you will need your phone to have a screen which is intact and ensure that the phone switches on and off. This is because it would otherwise be too expensive to refurbish them but you can still recycle your mobile.

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Turn your old mobile into cash

Selling mobile phones for cash has never been simpler. Gone are the days when you would need to advertise your mobile phone for sale or try to find a buyer from your friends and family. Now, there are companies, such as ours at Mazuma Mobile, who offer to buy your old mobile phones for cash in a matter of minutes.

If you decide to  sell your mobile to us, we will make you an offer based on the model and condition of your phone. You then send us your mobile phone via the postal service and we will then send you a payment.

Recycling your old mobile phone is a great way of making some extra cash in these tough times. It is also a great choice for the environment as it will stop old mobiles simply being dumped in landfill. Sending phones to landfill is probably the worst thing you could do with them.

Mobile phones are made up largely of plastic which means that they are not biodegradable and will still be around for centuries to come. What’s more, mobile batteries can leak hazardous chemicals into the Earth which can then kill wildlife. Recycling your phone could even limit the number of new phones being produced.

Perhaps, most importantly, when you choose to recycle your mobile phone, you could actually be helping out someone in a developing country. Many recycled mobile phones make their way to developing countries where they are used by citizens who normally could not afford such a luxury as a mobile phone.

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Tips for living a greener life

We are constantly being bombarded with news about climate change and the importance of minimising our impact on the Earth. It is important that we each do our bit to help the environment and minimise our carbon footprint. When it comes to living green, there are so many simple things we can do. Below are some tips to get you on the green track.

  1. Compost your leftovers
    It is possible to compost much of your household waste, including food scraps and garden waste. You can either make a compost heap in your garden or, for a small cost, buy a purpose built composting bin to deposit your waste. You can then use your compost to fertilise plants and flowers in your garden.
  2. Recycle your mobile
    It is possible to sell your mobile to us at Mazuma Mobile. We will recycle your mobile, thus saving it from a landfill site where it will remain for years to come. Mobiles are popular and mobile technology moves so fast that many of us replace our phones regularly, leading to a surplus of phones, many of which will simply be tossed aside. Recycling is a much greener option and you could earn some much needed cash in too.
  3. Use solar chargers
    Most of us have homes that are cluttered with all manner of electronic gadgets. It is common, in many homes, for every electrical socket to be jammed with gadgets. This is bad for the planet and does your carbon footprint no favours. It will also cost you a packet when your electricity bill arrives. Using a solar powered charger to charge up some of your smaller gadgets is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save cash all in one go.
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A bit for the under 18′s, how to stay safe on your mobile

For the teen market, mobile phones are a primary object in every day life. You call, you text, you play games, you download. The options are endless.

At Mazuma Mobile, we think the teenage mobile phone revolution is a good thing‚ with endless ways to stay in touch, life just got a little bit safer.  Yet there are some more precautions you should take to ensure your mobile phone usage is perfectly safe for you:

  • Keep your phone with you at all times. If it’s a new, savvy model and you leave it out on the desk at school, someone else may take a shine to it, which could leave you heartbroken.
  • Only give out your number to people you trust; your family, your friends.
  • If your phone allows you to set up a pin-code, then perhaps you should. This means that if your phone does get stolen, the culprit won’t be able to use it anyway.
  • Tell someone if you’re being bullied by phone text, or ring up your network provider and have the number blocked.
  • Your best bet is not to lend your phone to a stranger; if they are desperate, then make the call on behalf of them rather then placing your handset in their hands.
  • Be sure not to spend hours staring at your mobile phone screen, no matter how hard it can be sometimes. Just remember, your eyes are important too, and the brightness of the mobile phone screen can cause damage if you spend too much time looking down at it.
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How to look after your mobile phone

When it comes to talking about how to look after a mobile phone, some may say it’s easy and obvious. Yet there are little things you can do to ensure your new savvy handset doesn’t end up in the pile of damaged phones being recycled here at Mazuma Mobile too soon. Although you can sell your old mobile for cash should it be damaged, it’s more worthwhile to take good care of your handset and keep it until you wish to get a brand new model.

It is recommendable to take out insurance on any phone that you purchase, particularly if it’s one of the new sought after models. You can often get phone insurance at a small additional price when getting a new phone that is combined with the bill and taken out of your monthly phone charge. This should cover you for any damages or breakages. Even self inflicted ones. For the clumsy types, phone insurance is a good way of keeping the handset safe.

Another exceptionally simple way of looking after a mobile phone is to ensure that it is never kept in the back pocket. This is the worst possible storage place for a mobile phone. One sit-down and the little piece of magic may suffer a blow to the head.

Invest in a screen wipe or scratch resistant cover to keep it in its new condition. Even the hottest new phone can look shabby with a smeared screen or scratches to the bodywork.

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