Easy money with phone recycling

Phone recycling is a growing trend and means that your old handset travels from your lounge to a company warehouse and you will receive cash in exchange. Many companies also offer a voucher alternative which is sometimes worth slightly more. The general process is that you will receive a freepost envelope when you submit your details through the company website and once you have received confirmation of its arrival, you should receive your chosen reward.

The amount of money that you receive is based on the model of your handset and what condition it is in. The price for a working handset is always higher than for a non working handset of the same model, but you can still receive a good amount of money for a damaged phone. Be sure to check out the criteria for the website to ensure that it is reputable.

For newer handsets, you can often get up to £150+, as these are the handsets that are more re-usable. In many cases, ‘old mobile phones’ to you may still be smart and savvy models that are flying off the shelves elsewhere in Britain.

Exchanging old mobiles for cash is often the most popular option for owners of old phones as the money is deposited directly into your bank balance and is, in perspective, an easy way to earn some extra money. At Mazuma Mobile, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of phone recycling.

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What to do with the money from mobile phone recycling?

Phone recycling through an online company, such as us at Mazuma Mobile, means that your old handset travels from your lounge to a mobile phone recycling with a little something in it for you at the end of the proceedings. You will receive a freepost envelope when you submit your details and once it has been confirmed that your phone meets the criteria, your bank balance is paid as a thank you for doing your part.

You can receive up to £150+ plus for a handset that may just be kicking about in a dusty drawer within your lounge. All you need to think about is what to do with the money!

You could use the money to pay line rental for up to a year on a new phone. With contracts in the high street ranging from budget to extravagant, you could use your mobile recycling money to relieve this monthly worry. Evidently, old mobile phones do have their uses.

A little bit of extra money in your account could just mean a little bit of fun. Maybe you’ve seen a pair of killer shoes on the high street, or a new savvy technological invention that you just can’t wait to get your hands on. You could buy yourself something you wouldn’t get the chance too in your usual monthly budget, or maybe take the kids out for a fun family day trip.

If you’ve chosen the Argos voucher over the cash, the options are still endless. Argos is filled with toys, jewellery, accessories and home furnishings that you could treat yourself with.

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The danger posed by mobile phones to the ecosystem

Recycling services deal with thousands of your old handsets on a daily basis and are increasingly pleased at the growing trend of phone recycling. However, many uses of phone recycling services are unaware of just how beneficial they are being to the environment when they make use of a modern mobile phone recycling service.

In terms of electronic products, many people would agree that disposing of an old computer or other household electrical product in an insensitive way would harm the environment. Such items decompose over time and as they do, harmful toxins are inevitably released. However, it comes to a surprise to many people that old mobile phones do the same thing.

Mobile phones contain contaminants that can pose environmental problems when disposed of improperly. You may well have heard of some of the following toxins: arsenic, lead, mercury, copper and zinc. These are just a few of the potentially dangerous components that make up our mobile phones and have been linked to diseases such as cancer. When left on landfills, these toxins can gradually seep out into the environment and make their way into our water supply, which could make some of us unwell.

Mobile phone batteries also contain hazardous metals, such as nickel, which ideally need to be disposed of or put to better use by companies like us at Mazuma Mobile. We are more than happy to give you cash for your old mobiles, as it reaps benefits for you, us and our environment. Phone recycling is simply brilliant, because it is recycling that also rewards you.

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Time to get phone recycling friendly

One of positive things about mobile phones is that they are constructed from partly recyclable materials. This means that everyone can do their bit to ensure that their old mobiles are not put in a landfill site. However, many people still wonder why this is so important.

Mobile phones make use of rarities such as gold, silver and various minerals that are expensive to mine from the ground! Mining also damages the land around it. Hence by getting cash for your old mobile, you can stop these valuable components from going to waste. Using them again in new handsets is much better than adding to pollution.

The mobile phone surplus is massive. A huge percentage of the world’s population are estimated to be involved in the mobile phone industry and on average, UK households are said to have at least one old handset lying around unused. As phones decompose, they can release harmful toxins and chemicals, which can get into water supplies. With companies such as us at Mazuma Mobile, we prevent you from disposing of mobiles unsafely and potentially doing the environment harm.

The government is putting the pressure on to get the recycling movement well and truly underway. With global warming worries and the current economic situation, phone recycling offers many benefits. It helps to temporarily relieve financial strain from the people that make use of our service and keeps phones off of landfill sites, where they may eventually cause a great deal of harm to planet Earth. Thus phone recycling is a ‘win, win’ solution which may just be in time.

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Is your phone working?

The above question may seem superficially obvious, but nevertheless the distinction between an operational mobile and one which does not work is an important one.

At Mazuma Mobile, understandably we are thrilled that recycling old mobiles for cash is becoming an important phenomenon. However, we often do receive many questions in regard to what classifies as ‘working’ and what classifies as ‘non-working’ when selecting your option before you send your old phone to us. So here’s the lowdown on the working/non working criteria:

  • All mobile phones should match the make and model in the order for starters. If you’ve sent a Nokia and selected a Blackberry on the handset type, there will be a lot of confusion and an unfortunate delay in you receiving cash for your old mobile
  • In order to classify as working, the phone must turn on and off, be fully functional and the screen must be fully working and in one piece. If there’s a crack in the screen, you would need to list the phone as non-working. Working phones must include the battery and have no crushed parts or water damage. If you would happily sell it onto a close friend, then the chances are it’s going to be ‘working’ by our standards
  • Non-working refers to phones that may have a faulty screen, or a broken keypad, or doesn’t turn on and off. With phone recycling you can still get cash for a damaged mobile, but it should be intact to some extent
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept phones that have been crushed or broken in half as the chances are we can’t re-use them
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Things to check before going ahead with your phone recycling

Phone recycling can be quite straightforward. With the huge numbers of phones not currently in use in Britain, the need for phone recycling has never been more obvious.

At Mazuma Mobile we realise that many astute consumers are making use of our mobile phone recycling service. There are a few things to consider before embarking on your trouble-free mission to get cash for your old mobile:

  • You must be a resident of Great Britain or Northern Ireland
  • Ideally, you should be at least 18. If you are under 18 however, we are more than happy to accept your participation, but please be sure that you have permission from your parents
  • Make sure that you own the phone, because as soon as we receive it and send your cash, we enter into a contract which means that we will have full ownership of the handset. Angry people on the phone wanting their mobile back hurt our feelings
  • Remove your photos and contacts. They’re your friends and your memories and sending them away in the post box to us may leave you feeling a little lost. If you’re not sure how to remove data from your phone, take advantage of our data delete tool on the website
  • Make sure that when you input your model to the website, that it completely matches the make and model of your handset- all orders are checked as we can only send you what your handset is worth
  • Ensure you have a new phone. If you don’t, you might miss your shabby but reliable phone friend much more than you thought
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Clearing out and phone recycling solutions

The first thing many people think about when having a clear out, is what on earth to do with the clutter once they have cleared every nook and cranny of it from their home. Of course, lots of it will end up in the bin, perhaps broken or simply no good to anyone anymore. However, when it comes to phone recycling, many people are a bit lost.

However, it can be very advantageous to you to invest a little time in using an online recycling scheme, such as ours at Mazuma Mobile, and here’s why:

  • There are ways of selling phones which lose some of the value. You can incur costs as part of the selling process. This is not the case with the most innovative firms which specialise in phone recycling
  • Once your item has sold, you can be committed to a contract in which you must send the item to your buyer and pay for the privilege. This is probably unnecessary hassle from your perspective- an online recycling scheme means all you have to do is pop your phone in a pre-addressed envelope and drop it in the post box, free of charge
  • If anything goes wrong, or your phone has a fault that you do not realise, it means you may have a very angry buyer to deal with! Recycling old mobiles for cash with an online company saves you from this potential trouble. Fully working or broken, we will happily take it off your hands
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Five ways to get things sorted

With toys all over the hallway, sentimental items stashed everywhere and items we thought we oh-so-definitely needed within reach in every room of the house, family households can become hectic and a little messy.

At Mazuma Mobile, we deal with people’s ‘clutter’ on a daily basis and realise that for most families, there usually comes a point in the year where a clearout is needed to maintain normal life. The art of hoarding is something that many of us could pass a degree in. There are ways, however, to relieve the clutter of a home:

  • Have a boot sale – Everyone knows that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Earning a little money for items you barely knew you had is a brilliant and fulfilling way to create some space in the home
  • Go to a local auction – If you think something’s too valuable for a boot sale; take it down to your local auction house. Something you don’t like or use could be a goldmine!
  • Make use of your loft – For all those big things you can’t get rid of but can’t make space for, the loft is the ideal environment
  • Charity – Charity shops will always be highly appreciative of any donations, allowing you to tick the box of your good deed for the day
  • Recycle the little things – If there’s an old mobile phone lying desolate in a drawer, invest a little time in phone recycling. By swapping your old mobiles for cash, you’re clearing space and topping up your bank balance
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