Cash back on a new contract

The mobile phone recycling opportunities really are opening up in an attractive fashion these days. This is good for people and planet.

At Mazuma Mobile, we of course watch the mobile phone market expand and prosper on a daily basis. With fresh, savvy new models coming out all the time, we spend time ooing and ahhing over the latest handheld technology. Upgrading a phone contract too can be an exciting process! A free new phone and a reasonable monthly bill offering thousands of texts and hundreds of minutes can seem exceptionally tempting to us all.

However, sometimes, you may love your new contract, but not the phone that comes with it. Whilst the new contract may allow you to spend a couple more hours a week gossiping away to your best friend, or the new novelty of having unlimited messages to all your friends and family, you may not feel compatible with your new phone. Perhaps you just don’t find it as easy to use as your old reliable phone, or you don’t like its appearance. It’s a tricky situation to be in. However, there is now a simple solution.

At Mazuma Mobile, you could in fact recycle your new mobile phone for cash. Mobile phone recycling doesn’t necessarily mean selling old mobiles for cash. This would mean that you would receive a hefty amount of money for a model that has come free with your contract. With a simple swap of sim cards, you can experience all the benefits of your new contract on the old phone that you love, whilst receiving a nice bank balance increase.

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Hassle free recycling

You’ve been into town, walked into your local phone specialist outlet and fallen in love with their latest model. It’s better looking, savvier and offers much sharper technology then your old one! You purchase it and spend hours enjoying the latest technology at your fingertips! Here at Mazuma Mobile, we know that it’s a situation that is oh-so-familiar in many UK households in the 21st century, because we do it too!

The next step is finding a way of phone recycling; after all, it would seem a shame for your old phone to go to waste.

You could just put the old phone in the bin; however this isn’t a practice we would recommend. Not only does it put your money to waste, it means your phone will end up on a landfill site and pollute the environment.

You could be tempted to sell it to a mate. However, if there are any problems with it, you will be puppy-eyed into a refund and the problem will be yours once again!

There is also EBay, however once again, if there’s a problem with the phone, you could get yourself into a little bit of trouble.

That’s why recycling mobile phones for cash through a website is the best solution for you. While the phone will be made into a gleaming new product, you will receive a lovely bit of extra money, simply for putting it in a bag and sending it in, whether it’s brand new, or completely broken. A cash for phones scheme really is the greenest, greatest and most hassle free solution.

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Mobile industry booming

However the success of the mobile isn’t always good news. While the booming mobile phone market means that there are millions of phones in use across the globe, it also means that there could be equally as many out of use. The mobile surplus is huge.

At Mazuma Mobile, we know how popular the mobile phone industry really is and unfortunately the popularity of phone recycling doesn’t seem to equate. Although phone recycling is recycling for cash, which is easy money, the mobile surplus often does still go to waste.

With mobile phone network companies popping up stores all over Britain, the mobile phone industry is worth billions. Even if you just think of your local shopping complex, you will be sure to pass at least one, if not many phone specialist outlets. It is one of the most popular consumer industries of the 21st century. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 46% of the world’s population owns a mobile.

With phones to suit everyone, from the business obsessed to the text obsessed to the fashion conscious, customers are often upgrading and purchasing new phone models as they come out. After all, who wouldn’t want the latest technology at their finger tips!

However, it doesn’t have to be a surplus. Mobile phones that just don’t meet your needs anymore could still meet needs elsewhere and could be made into a product that does, with minimal effort from you. Selling your phone for cash is a fast and simple way to help decrease this surplus. As the mobile phone industry shows, if one person does it, the trend soon catches on. Phone recycling is the future.

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Phone recycling for cash – easy peasy!

When you hear the word ‘recycle’, you may shrug your shoulders and yawn, picturing the endless wheelie bins and boxes that align your neighbourhood. Your only experiences of recycling may be associated with time consumption and too much to think about.

At Mazuma Mobile, we appreciate how hectic your life is. You may be juggling a family, a career or both and manic-filled days may result in you dismissing the thought of mobile phone recycling. Surely exchanging your mobile phones for cash with an online company must be a lot of effort on your behalf?

However, the process of recycling your mobile phone is in fact easy.

  • Using the online search, you type in the model of the phone you’d like to sell. Within seconds the price offered will appear. With Mazuma Mobile, you will even be offered a slightly more valuable Argos voucher too.
  • To proceed, you fill out a few basic details.
  • Next a Freepost envelope appears on your doormat. You then pop the phone into it, and post it back whilst on the way to work or out shopping.
  • 48 hours later, a handy cheque will be safely on its way to you.

The service revolves around you. We understand the demands of being human, so we don’t expect you to do so much as even purchase a stamp to sell your phone. Recycling your old mobile phone for cash couldn’t be easier and phone recycling helps the environment too.

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Thumbs up for recycling mobiles

At Mazuma Mobile we understand better than anyone just how beneficial the act of recycling an old mobile phone is. Selling mobile phones for cash adds anything up to an extra £50 to your bank balance, for simply sending off a dusty old handset that would otherwise be flung into the back of the drawer; not forgetting that recycling your mobile phone will help to de-clutter your home.

On average, each UK household is home to four unwanted mobiles. Therefore, mobile phone recycling not only hands you money, but frees up some space.

Although the benefits of recycling mobiles are initially advantageous to you personally, the benefits on a wider scale are often under-estimated. Scientific studies have shown that electronic waste contains harmful toxins that pollute the environment. You may not believe that your trusty handset could be a demon, but it could easily do the Earth some damage.

The benefits of recycling your mobile don’t stop at economic and environmental either. You could potentially be helping other people, often thousands of miles away. Many of our Mazuma Mobile phones are shipped to developing markets in poorer Countries for re-use, increasing communication and technology in such areas.

Hence, one simple act of selling old mobile phones for cash will not only put a smile on your face, but could also reap worldwide benefits. That dusty little handset thrown helplessly to the back of the cupboard could be a little piece of magic that you just don’t realise.

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Easy money with phone recycling

Phone recycling is a growing trend and means that your old handset travels from your lounge to a company warehouse and you will receive cash in exchange. Many companies also offer a voucher alternative which is sometimes worth slightly more. The general process is that you will receive a freepost envelope when you submit your details through the company website and once you have received confirmation of its arrival, you should receive your chosen reward.

The amount of money that you receive is based on the model of your handset and what condition it is in. The price for a working handset is always higher than for a non working handset of the same model, but you can still receive a good amount of money for a damaged phone. Be sure to check out the criteria for the website to ensure that it is reputable.

For newer handsets, you can often get up to £150+, as these are the handsets that are more re-usable. In many cases, ‘old mobile phones’ to you may still be smart and savvy models that are flying off the shelves elsewhere in Britain.

Exchanging old mobiles for cash is often the most popular option for owners of old phones as the money is deposited directly into your bank balance and is, in perspective, an easy way to earn some extra money. At Mazuma Mobile, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of phone recycling.

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What to do with the money from mobile phone recycling?

Phone recycling through an online company, such as us at Mazuma Mobile, means that your old handset travels from your lounge to a mobile phone recycling with a little something in it for you at the end of the proceedings. You will receive a freepost envelope when you submit your details and once it has been confirmed that your phone meets the criteria, your bank balance is paid as a thank you for doing your part.

You can receive up to £150+ plus for a handset that may just be kicking about in a dusty drawer within your lounge. All you need to think about is what to do with the money!

You could use the money to pay line rental for up to a year on a new phone. With contracts in the high street ranging from budget to extravagant, you could use your mobile recycling money to relieve this monthly worry. Evidently, old mobile phones do have their uses.

A little bit of extra money in your account could just mean a little bit of fun. Maybe you’ve seen a pair of killer shoes on the high street, or a new savvy technological invention that you just can’t wait to get your hands on. You could buy yourself something you wouldn’t get the chance too in your usual monthly budget, or maybe take the kids out for a fun family day trip.

If you’ve chosen the Argos voucher over the cash, the options are still endless. Argos is filled with toys, jewellery, accessories and home furnishings that you could treat yourself with.

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The danger posed by mobile phones to the ecosystem

Recycling services deal with thousands of your old handsets on a daily basis and are increasingly pleased at the growing trend of phone recycling. However, many uses of phone recycling services are unaware of just how beneficial they are being to the environment when they make use of a modern mobile phone recycling service.

In terms of electronic products, many people would agree that disposing of an old computer or other household electrical product in an insensitive way would harm the environment. Such items decompose over time and as they do, harmful toxins are inevitably released. However, it comes to a surprise to many people that old mobile phones do the same thing.

Mobile phones contain contaminants that can pose environmental problems when disposed of improperly. You may well have heard of some of the following toxins: arsenic, lead, mercury, copper and zinc. These are just a few of the potentially dangerous components that make up our mobile phones and have been linked to diseases such as cancer. When left on landfills, these toxins can gradually seep out into the environment and make their way into our water supply, which could make some of us unwell.

Mobile phone batteries also contain hazardous metals, such as nickel, which ideally need to be disposed of or put to better use by companies like us at Mazuma Mobile. We are more than happy to give you cash for your old mobiles, as it reaps benefits for you, us and our environment. Phone recycling is simply brilliant, because it is recycling that also rewards you.

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