Sell your mobile phone to us and we will recycle it

If you sell your mobile to us we will recycle it for you. Mazuma Mobile provide a unique service whereby we buy old mobile phones from people and then we recycle them.

Global warming and environmental issues have grabbed headlines in newspapers all over the world and it is with due reason. A lot of electronic components are just being thrown away with the regular trash and cause a lot of damage to the environment. If you sell your mobile to us will recycle it for you and thereby you are doing your bit to help the environment as well as us.

To sell your mobile to us is really easy. When you go to our website enter the make and model of your mobile phone and we will tell you how much we are willing to pay for it. We have prices for both working and non working mobile phones and it is easy as typing in the details of your mobile phone to find out what we will offer you.

We do not necessarily recycle the phones in the traditional sense of the word. Traditional recycling means to completely break down an old product and then using it in the manufacturing of something new.  What we do when you sell your mobile to us is to fix it up and then we sell it in markets where people do not have the means to buy brand new mobile phones or to take out a mobile phone contract.

So all you need to do is to register and we will buy your phone from you. It is as easy as that.

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Old phone + mobile recycling = environmental consciousness

With the current world wide drive to do everything we can to try and slow down global warming, it has become increasingly important for each one of us to try and do what we can to do our bit. Recycling is just one of many steps that we can take and should not be shrugged off as a hassle.

At Mazuma Mobile we understand this very well. We know what harm the incorrect disposal of certain electronic devices can cause to the environment and have found a way to try and help this. We focus specific on mobile recycling. We are a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility and are ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Accredited.

We do not necessarily do the traditional kind of mobile recycling with al the phones that we receive. Most of them are cleaned up and we then sell them in markets where the average income is not high enough for the residents to be able to afford new phones. In modern terms the phrase ‘re-use’ have become another way to say recycling. This is because the equipment are used again, and not actually disposed of.

At Mazuma we do make use of traditional recycling with some of the phones, but only if they are not fit for re use. So by creating the space for mobile recycling we are not only making sure that these electrical devices that can be bad for the environment are not being disposed of in a bad way, but we are also providing mobile users in less fortunate places access to phones that they might not have been able to afford before.

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What happens when you recycle your phone?

Many of us want to make a difference, but we don’t know quite how. Mobile phone recycling can help.

At Mazuma Mobile, users of our service are on the increase. People are starting to realise the importance of mobile phone recycling and taking advantage of the fact you can receive cash for your phones in doing so. However, many people often ask us what we actually do with the phones that you so brilliantly provide us.

One of our simple policies, is that re-use is one of the most important aspects in any recycling scheme. A product that may be junk to you could indeed be treasure to someone elsewhere. That’s why many of your old phones will end up in places such as China, Africa, Pakistan and India. In such developing markets, this is a highly beneficial practice as it helps to expand technology and economy in areas that are not perhaps as financially thriving as the UK. Often these economies do not have access to landline telephones or such systems, so a simple process of mobile phone recycling can help to heavily enhance communication systems across the planet.

If the phone cannot be re-used directly, we may take parts from it to help build a snazzy new product that may find itself in a shop near you. At Mazuma Mobile, we ensure that no recycled mobiles go to waste and certainly that they do not end up on landfill sites where harmful toxins within phone batteries could pollute the environment, making its way into our soil and water systems.

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How to help the environment

The current environmental situation is a problem making headlines all over the world. With global warming worries and pressure on from the government it is a stressful time for people who are not natural eco warriors. You may not realise how important it is to do your part, but there are many tiny things that you can do personally to help the planet:

  • Change your light bulbs to energy saving
  • Turn off electrical products at night and save up to 40 watt-hours a day
  • Use both sides of the paper, why let a clean sheet go to waste?
  • Every two minutes you save on your shower can conserve more than ten gallons of water
  • Maintain your car – this will help to decrease the carbon pollution it emits
  • Act keen with your council’s local recycling scheme – it makes a world of difference
  • Use bio-degradable bags
  • Pay bills online
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Go to a car wash – they are often more effective with water consumption
  • Turn off lights when they are on unnecessarily
  • Plant a tree!  A fun task that’s good for the air and land and your property value
  • Sell old mobile phones for cash. Take advantage of online recycling schemes such as Mazuma Mobile that will both earn you money and stop the improper disposal of such products, which can release harmful toxins to the environment
  • Think global, act local and also campaign for change

These eco tips are simple steps that you can take to make a little bit of different to the current environmental worries.

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Raising cash when you are broke

The global economic uncertainty has made headlines all over the world. With the possibility of an age of austerity, it is for many individuals a financially stressful time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for you personally. There are still ways to make money in the recession to keep you out of financial trouble.

  • Have a hunt through your attic – you never know what you may find. One man’s junk can be another’s treasure. Getting down to your local auction house can be a real recession buster
  • Take advantage of any vouchers or token collecting schemes run by magazines and newspapers. Getting a free 50% off of your favourite high street store is effectively freeing you up some money
  • Have a boot sale! Not only are they good fun with the opportunity to meet lots of new people, they often rake in the cash within minutes of you setting up your stall
  • Use EBay. EBay is fantastic for earning good fast cash. Listing old clothes or anything you fancy will always attract bidders. Not to mention you get the thrill of watching your own auction
  • Sell old mobile phones for cash. Take advantage of online recycling schemes such as Mazuma Mobile. Recycling mobile phones for cash couldn’t be a simpler process in earning you some extra pennies

The possible age of austerity doesn’t necessarily have to affect everyone. Consider the five simple tips above and your bank balance will be increasing in no time.

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What to do with an old mobile that doesn’t work

With the mobile phone industry being one that thrives on technology, we are all too aware that it can sometimes let us down. Such products aren’t as invincible as we often think, and sometimes over time, our products can turn faulty. Not only this, at Mazuma Mobile we understand that humans can be clumsy, with mobile phones often being dropped and damaged!

A mobile phone that doesn’t work properly or has a visible physical fault can be a real pain during the current economic recession. You may replace your faulty phone, but still feel annoyed that there is nothing else you can do. However, you can still get cash for your mobile, yes, even if it doesn’t work!

At Mazuma Mobile, as long as your phone switches on and off, we don’t particularly care what condition the phone is in. With some clever tweaks from our specialists, we can often find a new use for the phone.

The most important thing to us is ensuring that old mobile phones are disposed of properly. Particularly with a phone that doesn’t work, it can be tempting to just throw it away. After all, what other use does it have? But if you wish to get rid of your unreliable product, you can still be a part of phone recycling for cash, just by popping it in a bag and sending it in.

So even if your old mobile is unreliable and not working correctly, it can still earn you money. It will also mean that you are helping preserve the natural environment.

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Under pressure from the state

Mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly feeling the pressure from the government in regard to enhancing mobile phone recycling. As technology evolves increasingly worldwide, people are more than often replacing phone models in a bid to have access to the latest technology at their fingertips.

This has therefore left behind millions of obsolete phones that could end up being disposed of in improper and unsafe ways. So therefore the British government and the European Union are increasing the pressure for solutions to this pressing problem.

What many people don’t realise is that as mobile phone depreciates, they can release substances that are in fact harmful to the environment. Whilst people understand this well in regard to items such as cars or computers, many find it hard to believe that a tiny little handset could do similar damage, but it can.

Mobile phone batteries are home to detrimental chemicals such as lead, which can result in the contamination of landfill sites. The improper disposal of such items can lead to these chemicals finding their way into our soil and even our water supplies! If this happens, the effects won’t just reap environmental disadvantages, but could also affect our families.

This is why the government is a high-flying supporter of phone recycling for cash, as companies like us at Mazuma Mobile ensure that mobile phones are recycled properly and that they can be made into new products or used elsewhere in the world, helping to keep our Earth in good condition and paying our users for their good deed.

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Cash back on a new contract

The mobile phone recycling opportunities really are opening up in an attractive fashion these days. This is good for people and planet.

At Mazuma Mobile, we of course watch the mobile phone market expand and prosper on a daily basis. With fresh, savvy new models coming out all the time, we spend time ooing and ahhing over the latest handheld technology. Upgrading a phone contract too can be an exciting process! A free new phone and a reasonable monthly bill offering thousands of texts and hundreds of minutes can seem exceptionally tempting to us all.

However, sometimes, you may love your new contract, but not the phone that comes with it. Whilst the new contract may allow you to spend a couple more hours a week gossiping away to your best friend, or the new novelty of having unlimited messages to all your friends and family, you may not feel compatible with your new phone. Perhaps you just don’t find it as easy to use as your old reliable phone, or you don’t like its appearance. It’s a tricky situation to be in. However, there is now a simple solution.

At Mazuma Mobile, you could in fact recycle your new mobile phone for cash. Mobile phone recycling doesn’t necessarily mean selling old mobiles for cash. This would mean that you would receive a hefty amount of money for a model that has come free with your contract. With a simple swap of sim cards, you can experience all the benefits of your new contract on the old phone that you love, whilst receiving a nice bank balance increase.

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