The Many Benefits of Mobile Recycling

We have been working hard to raise awareness for our mobile phone recycling service, whereby we offer you money in exchange for your unused or unwanted mobile phones. By providing this cash incentive, we hope to encourage more and more individuals to clear out the mobile phone graveyards building up in the drawers of their homes, saving these phones from the inevitable fate of being binned.

If we can keep these phones away from landfills, it’s not only great for the planet – saving on unnecessary waste – it is also good news for the phones themselves, which often only enjoy a 12, 18, or 24 month life span. The disposable culture currently surrounding phones in Britain means that many perfectly adequate phones are not living their full potential life, being automatically discarded when a contract is up. We aim to change this by offering cash for phones and passing them onto others in need, in nations where demand for mobiles is high.

So by using our mobile recycling service, you can clear out your drawers, make some easy cash, help less developed countries, and do your bit for the environment – an extensive list of good reasons to give our service a try.

The process is straightforward, too. You simply search for your phone, tell us if it’s working or not, and send it to us in the prepaid envelope we will provide. Once we receive it, you will be sent your cheque, payment, or voucher. It couldn’t be easier.

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Cash for Phones, No Catch

To some people, the whole ‘sell an old mobile phone for cash‘ thing seems an unlikely, unusually simple and appealing prospect; too good to be true. We assure you it isn’t. You might wonder what anybody could stand to gain from paying you for your old phone, but when you examine the service closely, you’ll realise that our intentions are driven by an environmental and social conscience.

We offer you cash for phones in order to recycle them, giving them a new lease of life and sending them on to less developed nations where an increasing demand for mobile phones can be seen. This is not only beneficial to those who want mobile phones, not necessarily minding if they can do everything except the washing up, but also to the planet. A staggering number of unused, unwanted mobile phones are waiting in various drawers in homes across the UK, waiting to be deemed useless and binned.

Our mobile recycling service aims to stop this senseless waste of perfectly good phones, often swapped for a flashier model every 12, 18, or 24 months. We allow your old phones – even those which might appear to be dead – a second chance at life, refurbishing them wherever possible.

We provide clear guidelines for what is working and non-working, offering different prices for each phone, depending on functionality, age, and demand. You might be surprised by how many of your discarded collection we are willing to take off your hands, providing you with a little cash boost and your phones with another chance.

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Mobile Recycling – Environmental and Cash Rewards

We’ve all got to do our bit for Mother Earth. Whether that means showers instead of baths, lights off in empty rooms, or visiting Mazuma Mobile to send your old mobile phone on a journey to a new life. Not only will it give your phone a second chance at life, you’ll be paid for it. That’s right, you can recycle mobile phones for cash.

If these phones are not recycled they will simply sit in the back of drawers, in the top of wardrobes, or wherever you shoved it to when your new phone arrives. They are just waiting to be rediscovered and thrown out, but with us, you can sell your phone, making yourself some extra money and helping the planet at the same time. These figures add up, but if all of these unwanted phones are recycled by us instead of thrown in the bin, masses of unnecessary waste are automatically avoided.

It couldn’t be easier. You simply visit our site and enter the model and make of the phone in question. If it appears, you will be able to see our guidelines and conditions, clearly defining what counts as a working or non-working phone. How much your phone is worth will depend upon its age and functionality, though we will happily accept both working and non-working models. We even pay for the postage of these old mobile phones, keen to ensure as many as possible find a new home that’s more environmentally friendly than the dustbin. Once your phone arrives, payment will be sent to you promptly.

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Cash Incentive Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phone recycling is not only good for the Earth; it can be good for your bank balance and for less developed countries, too. As a solution to increasing demand and the sheer annual quantity of wasted working mobile phones, we offer you cash for phones you no longer want.

Your old phone could be lying at the back of a drawer, recently replaced by a shinier model, but if you use our system, you can be paid to recycle it. The amount you will receive depends upon the age of the phone – newer models are naturally in higher demand – and also the functionality of the phone. You’d be surprised at how much your old phones could get you – especially considering that we buy your non-working models too.

The process is incredibly simple. You simply search for the make and model of your phone. If it comes up on our site, you can see how much we will give you for a working model and a broken model, as well as providing clearly defined guidelines for these classifications. You don’t even need to provide the charger. After this, you can choose your preferred payment method. We will then send a prepaid postage envelope for the phone and when we receive it: you’ll receive a cheque, voucher, or payment.

Our mobile recycling service is great for the planet as well as your wallet, keeping perfectly good phones from amassing in the tip. We give them a new life, and you a good price.

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Green phone recycling- for cash

The components in old mobile phones can sometimes be surprisingly toxic. That’s not to say the phones themselves are dangerous- when they are in good working order there is nothing toxic about a mobile phone at all. It’s when they get damaged and the components start to break down that problems can occur. The batteries in particular often contain heavy metals that can be harmful to the environment if they leach out and into the soil or the water table. As a general rule of thumb, the older the phone, the more likely it is to contain substances that shouldn’t be released into the environment.

These days there are regulations about what sort of materials can go into consumer electronics. Phones and batteries are better, smaller, and safer, but it also takes a very short time for a state of the art mobile to become outdated. Most of us have at least one or two old ones lying around.

You should never just throw away a mobile phone, even if it’s a really old, clunky model. There are plenty of ways to recycle phones safely and make some cash at the same time. You don’t have to put an ad on eBay or try to sell them down at the pub. Mazuma’s service is perfectly simple to use no matter what the make and model of your old phone is. Phone recycling for cash is easy, quick, and good for the environment- one of the few situations in life where everybody wins.

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Selling mobile phones securely

There is more than one way to sell old mobile phones. You could try and find a mate who could use one- pick on whichever of your friends has the worst and oldest phone- or put an ad on Gumtree, sell on an online auction site or in a local paper. You’d have to take a picture of the phone, find out the exact make, year, and model, guess at the price and hope somebody would go for it.

But then it comes time to get paid. Your mate might stump up the cash or they might not and you could end up with your old phone on permanent, I’ll-get-the-money-to-you-next-payday loan. Selling mobile phones through classified advertisements is even more problematic because it can be quite difficult to ensure that the person you are selling to is legitimate and will actually pay you A) on time, or B) at all.

Exchanging old mobiles for cash is easy with Mazuma. You can be absolutely sure that you’ll be paid the going market rate for your unwanted mobile phone. We’re not some fly-by-night operation. Our company has paid out more than 80 million pounds for phones just like yours, and our business is here to stay as long as there are mobiles that need recycling. We have a well-established trading history and abide by all relevant statutes and regulations.

We believe that our service is not only the easiest way to turn an unwanted phone into cash, it’s also the most secure. You can rest assured that you’re dealing with a responsible, fully accountable company that pays up promptly.

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Finding the make and model of an old phone

If you want to sell a mobile phone you will need to find the exact make and model. That will help you figure out roughly how much you can expect to get for it and once you have the right information, you can pass it on to us so we know what to expect. Few people remember the precise model names of all their old mobile phones but don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to find out.

The first and simplest is to take a look at the phone itself. Some (but by no means all) mobiles have the model code or name printed on them somewhere. At the very least you can almost always find the manufacturer, which will help narrow down the search. Elsewhere on the phone there may be a 15 digit code. This is the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Sometimes it will be hidden inside near where the SIM card goes, so open up the phone to take a look. You can also get a mobile to report its IMEI by entering *#06# into the phone itself.

If you have trouble you can always search through our gallery of images. Just click on the manufacturer and find the handset that looks most like the phone you want to sell. The model number or name will be written underneath. It’s easy to sell mobile phones for cash, even if you don’t know the model number when you start out. All the information you need is right here on this website.

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Need quick cash? Why not recycle your phone?

If you want to sell a phone then the chances are you’d like some ready cash in exchange. Maybe you even need to raise some money quickly to pay a bill or meet an unexpected expense. Maybe you’d just like some extra cash before going on holiday. There are lots of reasons people recycle phones through Mazuma and if you’ve got an old handset lying around there is no reason not to turn it into a nice pile of money.

We understand that a fast turnaround time is a big advantage so we’ve made it quick to sell your phone and even quicker to get paid for it. Some phone recycling companies will make you wait for your money but not us. Our philosophy is simple. As soon as we’ve received your mobile in its special Freepost bag and checked it, you get paid.

So, how long will it all take, in total? If you’ve got your old phone with you now, you can order a Freepost bag straight away. We’ll help you find the make and model number if you don’t already have it. Then we’ll either send you a Freepost bag within 24 hours or if you’re really in a hurry you can print off a Freepost label yourself, pop the phone into a postbag, and Royal Mail will do the rest.

You can decide how the phone gets sent to us. The quickest option takes one working day and the slowest only two or three, and as soon as we’ve got your handset we’ll pay you by whichever method you choose. Mobile recycling is a very quick way of making some extra money. Some times it takes less than 48 hours!

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