University Students, it’s Time to Save

For students, the time for scrimping and saving has never been more pronounced than now, with the importance making sure you maximise your money and minimise your spending more prominent than ever. And yet, in the drawers and desks around the country there are literally millions of pounds waiting to be claimed.

Old mobile phones may seem like junk to you. Perhaps you are thinking you will keep them just for back up, in case something happens to your current phone, but is it really necessary to keep so many? And are you really going to be seen using that old thing?

Before you throw it on the scrapheap though, why not consider sending your old mobile phone to us at Mazuma Mobile? We specialise in reselling your phone to countries that have a need for mobile technology. That ensures your phone doesn’t end on the ever increasing landfill sites around the country, but goes to someone who can love it in the same way you have.

We have been phone recycling for cash for many years now and are now recycling over 150,000 mobiles every month, making us one of the leading mobile phone reuse specialists in Europe.

So why not check out our website and find out what you old phone is worth. Recycling your mobile could not be any easier.

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Apple’s iPhone

Now that the storm over the reception issues surround Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone has subsided, you may be considering upgrading from your old mobile phone.

Despite the interference problems with reception because of the antenna, the Apple iPhone 4 is still one of the best phones money can buy. For a start it is the thinnest smartphone you can buy. Apple boast that it is 25% smaller than any of the previous iPhones, and despite the fact that it feels more chunky, it is actually fractionally heavier than the iPhone 3G.

It also has the highest resolution display of any phone ever. That can really make a difference if you need a little more clarity. One of the complaints of previous models was that whilst definition was good, it could still be a little blurred with the small text most phones use nowadays.

The iPhone also provides you with the closest thing to video phoning available on the market. Its inward camera is glitch free and works easily enough, and the outward camera too is of excellent quality.

So why did they get the antenna problem wrong? According to sources inside Apple, the pressure of the launch date and the insistence on design over efficiency meant that a few issues got overlooked. It’s a shame since this phone is clearly a remarkable product.

As with all premium smartphones, the iPhone 4 is expensive. If you’re looking to finance a purchase of one, why not sell your mobile to us at Mazuma Mobile? We deal with mobile phone recycling, which can help you get some cash for your next exciting iPhone 4.

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Selling Mobile Phones – Good for the Planet and your Wallet

If you don’t have a mobile phone graveyard of your own someplace – a drawer, cupboard, tub – then you’ve undoubtedly helped to contribute to the huge number of phones thrown straight into the bins, headed for landfill. It can be tricky to come across proper recycling facilities, and sometimes a hassle to investigate, but with Mazuma Mobile, you can easily recycle mobile phones you no longer want, saving your phones from a one way trip to the tip and making yourself some money in the process.

We offer cash for mobiles, taking them off your hands in order to refurbish them and pass them along to new users in countries where mobile phone demand is on the rise. This solution to the disposable nature of our current contract phone culture is one which saves perfectly adequate phones from being wasted and stops unnecessary pollution.

Selling mobile phones on can be otherwise impossible (who wants your rejects?), but we make it simple. You can simply enter your make and model number into our site and see how much we can offer you for your phone. The amount will depend on how old your phone is and whether or not it is in working condition, but it’s undoubtedly more money than your phone will make you sitting in a drawer untouched.

By offering this cash incentive, we hope to help save the planet from the unnecessary waste of discarding quite useable mobiles, in addition to providing more accessible mobile communication for other nations.

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Cash Incentive to Recycle Mobile Phones

In this day and age, we are encouraged to recycle everything possible, so why not recycle mobile phones too? Most people have at least one old mobile hanging around the house, and getting around to disposing of them properly can take months. In the mean time they clog up your drawers, losing value with each passing day.

At Mazuma Mobile, we provide a service which offers cash for phones you no longer want or use, allowing you to get rid of the old handsets taking up space in your home and make a little money out of them. The amount that your phone is valued at will depend upon its age and whether or not it works, but you might be surprised at how much yours is worth. We provide free postage in the form of prepaid envelopes, so every penny is yours to keep. If your phone is newer or you have amassed an impressive collection of unwanted phones as a household, you could make a tidy sum from sending your mobiles on to a better life.

We refurbish your old handsets and send them to countries where demand is high, saving perfectly good phones from the bin, and saving our landfill sites from being inundated with perfectly good phones. Swapping your unwanted mobile phones for cash is not just great for your wallet; it’s also good for the planet and the phones themselves. Simply type in your make and model numbers to see how much your old handsets could get you.

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New Life for Old Mobile Phones

Have you somehow managed to amass a collection of old mobile phones that are just hanging around the house? You may be wondering what the best way to get rid of them is, thinking that nobody will want to buy your rejects and not knowing if your local recycling facility can process phones. Investigating these avenues can be a lot of work, and the temptation to simply throw them into the bin and forget about them is overwhelming, but in the name of Mother Earth, Mazuma Mobile offers an alternative solution to mobile phone recycling which does not involve landfills but does entail exchanging said mobile phones for cash.

Instead of ignoring your eco-conscience, use our website to see how much your unwanted mobiles are worth. We send a prepaid envelope so that you don’t have to pay postage, making the undertaking worthwhile even for smaller sums of money. The age and functionality of your phone will dictate how much it is worth, but we accept both working and non-working phones.

Once we have received your phone we send you payment in the form that you requested – transfer, cheque or voucher – and refurbish your phone for a new owner. This allows your phone to continue its life somewhere other than a dark drawer or smelly landfill site, helping to protect the planet from the wasteful tendencies of our species. It can also clear your conscience in terms of wanting a new phone every 12 or 18 months, knowing that your old phone is living on elsewhere.

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Send Your Old Mobile Phones to a Better Place

It’s tough to be a twenty-first century phone. If you can’t do the latest tricks – internet browsing, social networking, and super-fast apps – you are likely to be swapped for a more advance model at the earliest opportunity. Only swapped does not mean that you are handed over to somebody who will love you just as your previous owner initially did. It means a drawer; dark and lonely.

Mazuma Mobile’s cash for phones service can provide new hope to these poor abandoned handsets, offering them the chance to be used and adored again – and giving their previous owners cash in exchange. If you are one such owner; one who has managed to accidentally develop a small collection of old mobile phones, visit our site and see how much you could potentially make if you clear your mobile graveyard. The amount they are worth will depend upon the functionality and model of your phones, and we send a prepaid envelope for you to post them to us. Once we receive them, you will be sent the agreed amount as a transaction, cheque, or voucher – as chosen by you.

This service not only gives hope to phones who had otherwise abandoned all sense of purpose, it is good for the environment and for countries where the demand for mobile phones is high. Instead of taking up space in your drawers or in landfill, your lovely, dependable old mobile can enjoy a new home in somebody’s pocket. Not to mention that you can make money from something no longer of use to you.

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Recycle Phones for Money

The idea that you can sell mobile phones for cash – your dud old things that you no longer want – could seem too good to be true, but we assure you that it’s not. If you’ve got a few old mobiles hanging around the house, lurking unloved in drawers here and there, why not take a few moments to type the makes and models into our website and see how much you could get for each one? For older phones, the small sums could add up into a decent, unexpected cash instalment, but for newer phones, naturally, larger sums of money are offered.

We accept working and non-working phones, and are able to give a new lease of life to your rejects and pass them along to others in need of them, allowing your unwanted phones to benefit others and live out their full life span, instead of just until you get fed up with them or offered a better model. By offering cash for phones you no longer use, we hope to save them from simply being thrown into the bin, instead recycling them and saving the large amount of landfill space that these phones could collectively take up otherwise.

We recycle phones to provide a solution to the problem of the disposability of these devices. In the UK, they clutter up homes and landfills, whilst other countries are in need of more mobiles. By recycling our unwanted phones, we can prevent excessive production and minimise waste – with phones sometimes being thrown out as regularly as every 12 months.

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Turn Your Old Mobile Phones into Money

If you have a large household, you may come across an astonishing number of discarded mobile phones whilst spring cleaning. Working out what to do with these phones can be tricky – disposing of the batteries correctly and safely, finding out whether your local recycling facility can process mobile phones – faced with all this, it seems simplest just to bin these poor phones, but at Mazuma Mobile, we have an alternative solution. Why not recycle mobile phones for cash instead?

This service is not only fantastic for removing the clutter that these phones generate, it also gives you a chance to make a little money from items which will otherwise probably never be used again. If you sell your phones, you can also give them a chance to live out their true lifespan, not only the 12-24 month timescale often imposed by forever changing contracts.

In addition to being good for your phone and bank balance, recycling your old mobile phones is also good for the planet, preventing these often perfectly useable phones from clogging up landfill sites. After a quick refurbishment from us, these phones can be passed on to new owners in countries where demand for mobile phones is on the rise, allowing the phone to fulfil its destiny, and providing a means of mobile communication for someone in need of it.

So if you have a mountain of mobiles amassing somewhere in your home, why not enter the model numbers into our site and see how much you could make recycling them with us?

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