Mazuma cash for phones

We all go through a fair number of mobile phones in our lives¬† it’s estimated that there are about 20 million mobile phone upgrades in the UK every single year.

Once that new phone arrives, it’s easy to put old mobile phones to one side and leave them neglected and forlorn in the back of a drawer, where they will gather dust and lose their value. Even worse, some people have a big clear-out and put all their mobile phones in the bin – there are four or five in every UK household, so that would be a huge number if they were all thrown out.

Once dumped, old mobile phones can end up in landfill sites, and because they include a number of elements that are poisonous to the environment, that’s not a great situation. At Mazuma, in our phone recycling for cash service we take the phones customers send to us and process them so they can be re-used. We aim to make sure that more than 95 old mobile phones in every hundred we receive go to a new home.

Many find their way to developing countries such as India, where people could otherwise find the cost of buying a mobile phone prohibitive. This provides an affordable boost to communications, and you can be sure that if you sell mobile phones to us they will be well looked after. And of course, you get cash in return; it’s a perfect deal.

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Mazuma sell mobile phones for cash

It seems like a perfect idea; sell mobile phones for cash to a company who will make sure they are re-used in developing countries that can make real use of them.

We are one of the leading reusers of old mobile phones in Europe, and we find new homes for an average of around 150,000 old mobile phones every single month. That’s a lot of phones that would otherwise be left languishing in drawers or thrown in the bin.

The reason we can provide such a great re-use service is that we have excellent relationships with many networks, repairers and of course retailers. We aim to find new homes for more than 96 per cent of the phones that people send to us, and we recycle any that can’t be used responsibly, because mobile phones contain a number of toxic elements that should not be released into the environment to cause pollution.

If you sell your phone to us, you can be sure it will be well looked after, and so will you. Our website is highly secure, so your details remain private, and we also provide you with a free mobile data delete tool so you can wipe any important information from your phone before you sell your mobile to us.

Once your phone arrives with us, if it meets our terms and conditions we guarantee you will receive the full price we have offered you, and the cash will be with you on the same day we get your phone.

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Mazuma sell my phone

When you come to Mazuma and say: ‘Sell my phone‘, you can rest assured that you are doing something that will benefit not only you, but the environment too.

Many old mobile phones are simply dumped in the bin and eventually find their way into landfill sites across the country. But that’s not a good thing, because many of the elements used to manufacture mobile phones are toxic, and we don’t want them leaking out and polluting the environment.

People who care about the environment and who also fancy the idea of selling their old mobiles for cash can get a double benefit from us. We have very sound environmental credentials with the mobile phones for cash that we are sent, which are processed and then sent around the world to be used by people in developing countries such as those in Africa and the Far East, who might otherwise be unable to afford personal communications.

At Mazuma we aim to re-use more than 95 per cent of all the old mobile phones that are sent to us, providing them to developing markets where they are of enormous use to the community.

Of course, there are some old mobile phones that come to us and just cannot be re-used, so we make sure to recycle them in a way that is the most friendly to the environment. Our credentials are excellent; at Mazuma, we are a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility, and we are also ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accredited.

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Mazuma phone recycling for cash

One of the things you need to consider carefully when you are thinking about phone recycling is personal security. These days, identity theft is a major risk and a growing crime right around the world, and you do not want your personal data in the hands of someone who could use it for fraudulent purposes.

When you are deciding to recycle mobile phones for cash, there are two things to take into consideration. First, the personal data you are entering on the company’s website, and secondly the data that is held on your phone.

At Mazuma mobile phone recycling, we take both of these issues very seriously indeed, as you will see when you check out the responsibility page of our website.

First, registration on our website. We offer a safe, secure registration process which is guarded by SSL encryption. This means that the information that passes between your web browser and our website stays private and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised parties. Look for the ‘Secured by SSL’ logo on our pages.

You keep a lot of information on your old mobile phones, and while some of it is on your SIM card, some is not. It can be very hard to remove this information completely, and of course you would not want it to fall into the wrong hands.

At Mazuma we offer you a Mobile Data Delete Tool that is unique; one of the first in Europe, in fact. This is free, and gives you directions for most models and makes.

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Mazuma old mobiles for cash

Today’s society is often criticised for its throwaway habits – we bin many articles that are useful, but have simply been replaced by more up-to-date or fashionable models.

No wonder recycling has become more and more popular in the last few years. Most of us do actually feel guilty about throwing things away, and we know that economically it often makes no sense at all to dump perfectly good items that we have simply grown out of.

The environment does not benefit from these throwaway habits, either. Old mobile phones, for instance, contain a number of toxic elements that are really not beneficial, and which can cause pollution over a number of years if they find their way into our giant landfill dumps.

So add the two together (damage to the environment and damage to your pocket) and you’ll see that it genuinely makes sense to swap your old mobiles for cash with Mazuma.

Our phone recycling service takes your old mobile phones and exchanges them for cash, usually on the same day that your phone arrives with us. We then process your phone to join our phone bank, which provides mobile phones to developing countries such as those in Africa.

Think of the benefits. Fewer toxic elements causing pollution to our environment; cash for phones in your pocket and someone across the world able to access easy personal communications they might otherwise never be able to buy.

Check out our easy-to-use phone recycling for cash. You’ll never regret giving it a try.

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Mazuma cash for mobiles

Getting cash for mobiles sounds like a great idea, particularly if your household, like many of those in the UK, has four or five just lying around unused.

But how can you be sure you’ll get a reliable service and the right deal when you sell your mobile? After all, it can be a valuable asset and you need to make sure your deal goes according to plan.

And that’s where our Mazuma promises come in. It’s our belief that you should receive the money for your old mobile phones as quickly as possible, so we promise that you will receive payment for your phone on the same day we receive it (subject to terms and conditions that you can check out on our site).

It’s easy to try phone recycling for cash through Mazuma. Once you’ve put in the details of your phone on our site, we will let you know how much the phone is worth and we’ll send you an envelope for you to post it to us completely free of charge.

Once we receive the phone and check it, if we find it doesn’t quite meet our terms and conditions and the price needs to be changed, we’ll email you a further revised offer. If you are not happy with that revised offer, we will send your phone back to you.

Of course, if your old mobile phones meet our terms and conditions, we guarantee that you will receive the full price for them.

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Mazuma phone recycling for cash

So what happens when you say to Mazuma, ‘Sell my mobile’? It may be a process you have never gone through before, and you may have some questions and misgivings.

You don’t need to have any worries when you try phone recycling for cash with us. The process of selling mobile phones with Mazuma is simple, reliable and great to use. First, you fill in the kind of mobile you have and let us know if your handset works or not. We then show you how much you can receive by recycling your mobile.

If you decide to go ahead, we will then send you a freepost envelope, and all you have to do is pop your mobile in the envelope and send it off to Mazuma. As soon as it arrives, we check your order and then we send you a cheque. Old mobile phones have never been so valuable.

It certainly beats leaving your old phone lying around at home. Some estimates reckon that UK homes have, on average, four old mobile phones or more just doing nothing except losing their value.

If you recycle mobile phones for cash with us, we will then process the phones you send to us and send them to be reused in developing countries such as India and Africa, where they are of enormous use to people keen to build up their communications.

Our service is totally reliable, quick and efficient, and releases the value locked into the mobile you don’t need any more.

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Mazuma mobile phone recycling

Mobile phone recycling is a brilliant idea for a number of reasons. First, in the UK we have a huge number of old mobile phones available for recycling at any time -¬† it’s estimated that in this country there are as many as 20 million mobile phone upgrades every year.

In some other countries, however, it’s not so easy for people to get hold of a good-quality mobile phone. And doesn’t it seem a good idea to let your old phone go off to help someone in a developing country rather than leaving it to gather dust and lose value in your kitchen drawer?

At Mazuma, we take the old mobile phones we buy from our customers and process them so they can be reused in countries including China, Pakistan and India, where communications networks are still being built up and mobile recycling provides a valuable phone resource for ordinary people.

But while it means your old phone is going to a useful new home, we don’t expect you to give it up for nothing. We specialise in phone recycling for cash, and it’s easy to find out how much we will be able to pay for your phone.

All you have to do is enter the kind of phone you have on our website, and tell us if the handset is working or not. We then show you how much money we will pay for your phone if you sell your mobile – and the recycling process can begin. Simple.

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